Lionheart VS BT Gunn
By Jeffrey Berry
Posted On 04-05-2017 13:32 GMT
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Lionheart and BT Gunn; two men with very different agendas and goals within ICW at the moment.

'The Oddity' BT Gunn has his sights set on becoming the ICW Zero-G Champion, having been mere seconds away from accomplishing that very feat at Barramania 3. While It was not meant to be on that evening, coming so close to glory has made BT even more motivated on his quest to become the Zero-G Champion and, with that, the first ever ICW Grand Slam Champion!

Lionheart, on the other hand, has his mind set on others tasks far away from championship gold. Over the past few months, Lionheart has had well documented issues with 'The Local Hero' Joe Hendry. After several heated back and forth exchanges between the two, it was set to be settled at Barramania 3, where Lionheart would face Hendry, however that match would just add fuel to this already raging fire, when Lionheart would take liberties during the match, delivering a stiff kick to the temple of Joe Hendry. Lionheart showed absolutely no remorse for his actions at the most recent ICW Fight Club taping, when he took the mic and lambasted Hendry, even going as far to challenge him to an unsanctioned match, scheduled to take place over the Shugs House Party 4 weekend in July. 

Both men will have to put their respective goals and issues to the side on Saturday May 13th in Cardiff though, when they step into the ring again to face each other.

These men are no strangers to one another, having battled several times over the years with every match an aboslute cracker.
Lionheart needs this win to continue to build momentum and show Hendry exactly what he is capable of, and as for BT Gunn, he needs this to continue his quest to become the first ever ICW Grand Slam Champion!

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