Liam Thomson VS Noam Dar
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-05-2016 18:00 GMT
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Throughout ICW history, there have been rivalries that have stemmed from a deep hatred between 2 competitors. Feuds that have seen men and women tear each other apart in the most barbaric ways possible, in an attempt to resolve their issues. There are however, other great feuds that have been built, not on a long-standing disdain between wrestlers, but on the desire to out-perform one and other, every time the competitors in question meet, and it is that desire that sees 'Bad Boy' Liam Thomson and Noam Dar put on some of the finest matches that ICW can offer, whenever they go toe-to-toe.

Two ICW originals who have both grown into world-class competitors during their time in the company, Liam Thomson and Noam Dar have battled each other on a number of occasions on ICW's UK tours, leaving fans up and down the country dazzled by the in-ring abilities of both men, but on Sunday May 29th, at The Garage in Glasgow, they will square off in the home of Insane Championship Wrestling, in front of the rabid Scottish crowd.

Once the quiet, calculating technician who lets his actions do the talking for him, 'Bad Boy' Liam Thomson's attitude has changed greatly over the last 12 months, with Liam having been labeled the King of Controversy in ICW. Through his talk show, The LT Degree, Liam has got under the skin of every ICW fan, and almost everyone on the roster, refusing to pull any punches on the microphone. All that aside though, Liam is one of the proficient technicians that ICW has ever seen, capable of dismantling almost anyone he faces in the ring. As he heads to the Garage on May 29th, Liam will surely have a trick or two up his sleeve, but will the Bad Boy be able to score himself a win over one of his greatest in-ring rivals?

ICW is home to some of the very best talent that this country has to offer, but it could be argued that, above all others, Noam Dar is the most naturally gifted star on the entire roster. While still a young man, Noam has competed all around the world, and is on the radar of some of Professional Wrestling's biggest promotions, and that is no fluke. Possessing a devestating arsenal of kicks and strikes, combined with lightning fast speed, Noam has left fans around the world speechless time and time again, and some of the best matches that he has ever competed in have been against his opponent on May 29th, Liam Thomson. Knowing Liam as well as he does, can Noam overcome the Bad Boy's devious ways, and return to ICW with a bang?

Don't miss the latest encounter between these two ICW Originals, as we return to the Garage in Glasgow!

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