Legion VS The NAK - Steel Cage Match
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-07-2015 00:49 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Chris Renfrew , Dante , Dickie Divers , Mikey Whiplash , Tommy End

ICW: Fear & Loathing VIII, at the SECC on November 15th 2015, will be ICW's biggest show to date but, despite having been advertised for months, no matches had been announced for this monumental event. At Shug's Hoose Party II however, that all changed when Mikey Whiplash threw out a blockbuster challenge that will see two of the most destructive forces in ICW history go to war in one of wrestling's most barbaric settings.

After an extremely brutal contest against BT Gunn (which can be seen now on ICW On Demand), Mikey Whiplash swore that the war had only just begun. Fired up and ready to take the madness to the next level, Mikey Whiplash stood tall in the ring, making an announcement which left fans in attendance wishing that November 15th would come a whole lot faster.

At Fear & Loathing VIII, Mikey Whiplash, Tommy End and Michael Dante, collectively known as Legion, will do battle with BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew and Wolfgang of the New Age Kliq, in a 3-on-3 Steel Cage Match! The war between these two factions has grown over the last year and a half, and on November 15th, we may see it finally come to a brutal and bloody end, as these 6 men enter one of most dangerous settings in all of Professional Wrestling.

The New Age Kliq are one of the most violent units to ever step foot in Insane Championship Wrestling, but going into this contest, they truly have a great advantage, in the form of BT Gunn and Wolfgang. Undoubtedly, Chris Renfrew will revel in the opportunity to compete in such a barbaric contest, but BT Gunn and Wolfgang are the two men who first brought the Steel Cage match to Insane Championship Wrestling, going against each other back in January at the 4th Annual Square Go. Now aligned, these two men know exactly what it takes to survive within the confines of the steel, and that may be the advantage they need to take out their rivals once and for all.

The force known as Legion, however, take great pleasure in inflicting pain and misery on their opponents, and in a situation like a Steel Cage match, their twisted minds will be given free reign to hurt the New Age Kliq in the most brutal ways imaginable. Tommy End and Michael Dante are, without a doubt, one of the most effective tandems in all of Professional Wrestling today, and with the sadistic Mikey Whiplash by their side, there's no telling what kind of sick plans they have to take on the might of their most hated adversaries, the New Age Kliq.

It's gang warfare, as Legion and the New Age Kliq will be locked inside a Steel Cage together in the SECC, but who will be left the victor as these two teams look to settle the score once and for all? No matter what happens, this will be a battle for the ages that you will not wan't to miss!

ICW: Fear & Loathing VIII takes place on Sunday, November 15th, at the SECC. Ticket's are available now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.triplegmusic.com, and www.tickets-scotland.co.uk 

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