Kay Lee Ray VS Martina - ICW Womens Champion
By Scott Reid
Posted On 25-04-2017 12:01 GMT
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Controversy; a word synonomous with 'Session Moth' Martina. Whether you love her or hate her, you cannot argue she has made an impact on the wrestling scene and is perhaps the most talked about wrestler on these shores at the moment.

Unorthodox would be another way to describe Martina. She likes a drink....she REALLY likes a drink! But so do the majority of the ICW roster and fan base. The difference is, she enjoys doing it during the match! Whether she does this to throw her enemies or simply to quench her thirst, we aren't sure, but it is with this unorthodox style and persona she was fought her way into the number one contenders spot for the ICW Women's Championship, defeating Kasey in what many people considered an upset.

The ICW Womens Champion, the Filthy Generation's Kay Lee Ray, is no stranger to controversy herself, having been involved in some of the most barbaric and violent matches to ever take place in ICW. Kay Lee became ICW Womens Champion at Fear and Loathing IX this past Novmember, defeating Viper and then-champion Carmel, and 6 months later, she remains champion and is on route to being considered the most dominat ICW Women's Champion in history. 

Kay Lee has faced Martina in an ICW ring in the past, with Kay Lee getting the win, but Martina clearly got inside the head of the Queen of Insane, pushing Kay lee to her limits and almost getting the win.
This time though, the ICW Womens Championship is on the line, and Kay Lee Ray considers herself the absolute undisputed best female wrestler on the planet. She actually considers herself above womens wrestling, superceeding the division entirely. 

Two polarising personalities collide on Sunday April 30th at the QMU in Glasgow, and it's impossible to know what direction this match could go. If Martina can dictate the match and pace, who knows what tricks she could pull out of her.....hat. If Kay Lee can dicate the tone, this could be a very rought night for Martina, as the Queen of Insane isn't a nickname one garners by playing it cool and calm...

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