Joe Hendry VS Timm Wylie
By Scott Reid
Posted On 07-01-2016 23:03 GMT
Tags: Joe Hendry , Timm Wylie

This Sunday, January 10th, at the Garage in Glasgow, ‘The Consequence’ Timm Wylie finally gets his wish, as he steps into the ring to face ‘The Local Hero’ Joe Hendry in a one-on-one contest!

Back in August, Joe Hendry levelled Wylie in the centre of the ring with a guitar, knocking the enforcer of The 55 out cold. Since that night, Timm has claimed that he hasn’t been quite the same, and he is determined to make Hendry pay for what he has done. Now, on January 10th, Hendry and ‘The Consequence’ go head-to-head, but which of these huge competitors will pick up the victory?

While still extremely young in his wrestling career, Joe Hendry has achieved so much that those with double his experience would be envious of. Capturing the hearts of the ICW fans with his natural charisma and heavy-hitting offence, Hendry has competed on some of ICW’s biggest stages, against some of the company’s biggest names, and it seems like the only way is up for the Local Hero. Having been involved in a long-running feud with James R Kennedy, Joe has been a target of The 55 for some time, and took matters into his own hands when he struck Timm Wylie with a guitar. While some may have seen this as an ill-advised decision, Joe never backs down from a challenge, and if The 55 want to try and make a victim of the Local Hero, then he will meet them head on, no matter what the odds!

One of the most physically impressive men in ICW, ‘The Consequence’ Timm Wylie is a force of sheer destruction, who can make short work of anyone put in front of him.  The long-time bodyguard of James R. Kennedy, Timm may be rarely seen in competition in ICW, but whether he is competing, or simply carrying out his work for The 55, Wylie always leaves a trail of destruction in his wake. Having been fighting for the opportunity to get his hands on Joe Hendry for months now, Timm finally gets what he wants on January 10th, and he will stop at nothing to get his revenge!

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