Joe Coffey & Grado VS The Black Label
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-03-2016 22:25 GMT
Tags: Grado , Jack Jester , Joe Coffey , Red Lightning , Red Lightning

Barramania 2, on Sunday April 3rd at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, will play host to a number of huge matches, but one match in particular has a massive buzz surrounding it, and it surely will not disappoint! With the ICW VS Black Label war continuing to heat up, ICW Majority Red Lightning will lace up his boots for a rare in-ring appearance alongside Jack Jester, as they take on two of their most outspoken critics, Grado & Joe Coffey. 4 of ICW's biggest stars will go at it in this heated tag match, which could potentially present a huge opportunity to 'The Iron Man'!

Since The Black Label assumed power in Insane Championship Wrestling, two men who have opposed them at every opportunity are Grado & 'The Iron Man' Joe Coffey. Refusing to bow at the feet of Red Lightning, Grado & Joe have fought off everyone that The Black Label has sent their way, all the while waiting for their chance to get their hands on Red Lightning himself. While Grado has been a very open and vocal 'Mark Dallas Guy' in the ongoing civil war however, Joe Coffey has been fighting The Black Label for a very different cause. Refusing to choose a side in the war, Joe has been fighting simply for his chance to become ICW World Heavyweight Champion, but no matter what he has done, Red Lighnting has refused to give 'The Iron Man' a shot at the gold. Only a few weeks ago though, the 2014 &2015 Wrestler Of The Year put the Majority Owner on the spot, cornering him in the ring and demanding his shot at the title, which lead to an offer from Red Lightning; If Joe and Grado can defeat himself and Jack Jester at Barramania 2 on April 3rd, then Joe will be awarded a shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. With his shot at glory hanging in the balance, and the chance to get his hands on Red Lightning, Joe accepted, and will team with The Stevenston Dream in the Barrowlands. Two of the most passionate competitors that ICW has ever seen, Grado & Joe Coffey have made a career of overcoming the odds, and no matter what The Black Label throws their way at Barramania 2, they will fight until their is not a breath left in their body. Will their desire be enough to overcome Red Lightning & Jack Jester?

It's often said that if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself, and on Barramania 2, Red Lightning & Jack Jester will look to do just that, as they attempt to succeed where others have failed, and finally break the spirits of Grado & Joe Coffey. Despite having thrown everyone at their opponents on April 3rd, ICW Majority Owner Red Lightning, and his trusted advisor Jack Jester, have been unable to put a stop to Grado and Joe's rebellion against them, but at Barramania 2, that could finally all change. 2 former ICW Heavyeight Champions, Red & Jester are best friends who have proven to be a very effective tandem in the ring. With Red's often unmatched intelligence, and Jack Jester's violent, merciless nature, The Black Label are an opposing team for anyone to stand in front of, and they plan to make an example of The Iron Man & The Stevenston Dream on April 3rd. With the might of The Black Label and The 55 backing them, as well as Red Lightning's Chief of Security, Flex Hunter, standing guard at ringside, could Barramania 2 be a night of celebration for Red Lightning & Jack Jester?

Barramania 2 takes place at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, on Sunday April 3rd. Tickets are available now at, and! 

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