Joe Hendry VS Davey Blaze
By Scott Reid
Posted On 18-10-2016 00:28 GMT
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Back in July, Joe Hendry and Davey Blaze were on top of the world. As the unlikely tag team The Local Fire, Joe and Davey had ascended the tag team ranks, to become the brand new ICW Tag Team Champions, in the opening match of ICW’s first ever PPV, Shug’s Hoose Party III. With the fans firmly behind them however, no-one could have predicted that their relationship would sour so quickly, and seemingly without warning.

After losing the ICW Tag Team Championships to Polo Promotions, Davey snapped, viciously assaulting Joe, all the while fighting off 8 members of ICW’s security. After months of The Wee Man claiming that Joe was simply using Davey to boost his own popularity, it appeared that the Buckfast Barbarian had taken the words to heart and, coupled with the loss of the ICW Tag Team Championships, flipped out in a violent rage.

At the last Fight Club, the two men came to blows once again, fighting all through the building, with The Wee Man being thrown from the ring by Joe in the process. With ICW Management eager to end this feud quickly, and with as little collateral damage as possible, Davey Blaze and Joe Hendry have been signed to compete against one and other this Sunday, October 23rd, at the Garage in Glasgow, but will the ring be enough to contain the animosity that currently exists between these two men?

A former ICW Tag Team & Zero-G Champion, Davey Blaze is a pioneer, and once beloved member of the ICW roster. With that being said, Davey’s temper has become the stuff of legend in Insane Championship Wrestling, with many roster members having their own unique accounts of situations involving the Buckfast Barbarian losing control. However, no-one has ever seen Davey like this before. Completely unhinged, with no focus for his rage, Davey is lashing out at anyone he comes across, and unfortunately, the first man to feel his wrath was Joe Hendry. Joe may be an exceptionally skilled grappler, but will that be enough when the juggernaut known as Davey Blaze comes barrelling toward him on October 23rd?

While he may be known to many for his inventive music videos that berate his opponents, it may be easy to forget that Joe Hendry is one of the most dangerous competitors in Insane Championship Wrestling. Possessing unnatural strength, Joe is a world class grappler who can overpower and manhandle almost anyone put in front of him.  That ability may come in very handy this Sunday, when he takes on Davey Blaze at The Garage in Glasgow. With vengeance on his mind, Joe has shown a killer instinct in the last few weeks that we have rarely seen from him before, and he is showing no fear as he heads towards his showdown with The Buckfast Barbarian. Can Joe put the monster down in The Garage, and leave The Local Fire behind him?

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