By Scott Reid

At ICW: Dave's Not Here Man, two huge forces collided as the Zero-G Champion Wolfgang went head to head with the ICW Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Whiplash. Both titles were on the line, and with the stakes being raised as high as they possibly could be, both men gave everything they had in pursuit of holding both belts in their hands.

The battle was fierce, but when the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared, it was Mikey Whiplash who stood victorious, once again with the demented Jam O'Malley at his side. As he stood holding both titles, it was hard for anyone in attendance to argue that Mikey was deserving of the gold, having given it his all to de-throne the much loved Wolfgang.

Whiplash, however, saw things very differently. Later in the evening, after Jack Jester had defeated the "Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying" Sabu, the dual champion made his way out to confront his long-time nemesis. In a fit of rage that hasn't been seen in a long time, Whiplash aired his feelings about the ICW fans, claiming that no matter what he did, the fans would always rather see Jester, and he would no longer fight for them. It was now time for him to do things for himself.

With that in mind, Whiplash offered a challenge to Jack Jester: they would go head-to-head one more time, at Fear & Loathing VI, with the ICW Heavyweight Championship on the line! Whiplash is out to prove that he is, without a shadow of a doubt, better than Jack Jester, and has set himself the ultimate task to do so. Can Whiplash overcome his ultimate rival one more time, or will the ICW icon finally grab the gold which has eluded him for so long? The only way to find out is to be at the milestone event that is ICW: Fear & Loathing VI!

ICW: Fear & Loathing VI takes place on Sunday 13th October at the O2 ABC in Glasgow! Tickets on sale NOW at www.Tickets-Scotland.com , www.ticketmaster.co.uk , www.TripleGMusic.com and the O2 ABC box office and website!