Jack Jester VS Zack Gibson
By Scott Reid
Posted On 26-02-2016 01:56 GMT
Tags: Jack Jester , Zack Gibson

Since taking control of ICW from Mark Dallas, The Black Labels reign of dominance has caused a fracture in the ICW roster. While some stand beside Red Lightning and The Black Label, others have resisted the new regime, and one man who has felt the consequences of that rebelliousness is Zack Gibson. While still relatively new to ICW, Gibson has already made himself an enemy of The Black Label, and has been left laying by the unit on two separate occasions now. With revenge on his mind, Zack now makes his way to the 02 Academy in his hometown of Liverpool, on Friday, 26th February to take on the dark prince of The Black Label, Jack Jester!

Making his debut at ICW’s last event in Liverpool, Zack Gibson quickly impressed management and fans alike with his skills in the ring, and has quickly become an extremely popular member of the ICW roster. Strong, athletic, and extremely skilled between the ropes, Gibson is one of the most hotly-discussed talents in the country, and he looks to prove why, this Friday at the 02 Academy Liverpool. Having been a victim of The Black Label twice in a row, Zack won’t be looking to go for a hat trick, and will do everything he can to make Jack Jester do something he has never done before in ICW; tap out in the centre of the ring. Can Zack Gibson achieve what many think is impossible, in front of his hometown crowd?

A former ICW Heavyweight Champion, Jack Jester was once one of the most popular stars in ICW, but now, The Hardcore Icon stands alongside The Black Label, asserting his dominance on anyone who opposes the rule of Red Lightning. Even without The Black Label by his side however, Jester is one of the most sadistic, dangerous individuals to ever step into an ICW ring, willing to inflict punishment on his opponents in some of the most gruesome ways imaginable. With Zack Gibson refusing to give up his quest for revenge, will Jack Jester have no other choice but to go to that dark place in his mind, to put ‘Liverpool’s Number 1’ out of action for good?

Liverpool’s Number 1 finally goes one-on-one with Big Kink this Friday at the 02 Academy Liverpool, but will Zack Gibson get the revenge he desires, or will Jack Jester silence yet another challenger to The Black Label regime?

Tickets for this show on Friday, February 26th at the 02 Academy Liverpool are available at www.ticketmaster.co.uk!

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