Irn Jew VS The Rodgers Brothers
By Scott Reid
Posted On 24-07-2015 00:46 GMT
Tags: Colt Cabana , Danny Rodgers , Grado , Rory Rodgers

At ICW: Now For Something Completely Different, the second night of ICW’s Flying Circus Run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, fans will be treated to their second #1 Contenders match for the ICW Tag Team Championships, as former champions look to get back on the road to gold, while two hungry young stars attempt to make a name for themselves in ICW! On Sunday August 9th, Irn Jew return to Insane Championship Wrestling to take on The Rodgers Brothers, at City Nightclub!

Irn Jew, the unlikely pairing of Colt Cabana and Grado, are a team whose short time together has already become the stuff of ICW legend. Originally competing against each other on two separate occasions, Colt and Grado came together last August to battle the New Age Kliq, and shocked the world when they became ICW Tag Team Champions. While their reign was short (only lasting 2 weeks), Irn Jew’s time as ICW Tag Team Champions was an extremely memorable, with the two competitors becoming insanely close, and performing as a very cohesive unit. Now, back together again, Colt and Grado have their opportunity to challenge for the gold once more, but to do that, they will have to take on two of the most impressive young stars coming out of the Spacebaws brand.

Danny and Rory, The Rodgers Brothers, have only been in ICW for a short time, but they have quickly taken ICW’s Spacebaws brand by storm, impressing everyone with the extremely natural chemistry in the ring, and their hard-hitting offence which has led them to both tag-team and singles victories. Now being given the chance to shine on one of ICW’s main roster shows, The Rodgers Brothers take on two of wresting’s best loved stars, but pressure will not get to these young competitors, as they have proven time and again that they are driven, and ready to take over ICW’s tag team division. Can they take out Grado and Colt on Augut 9th, and be on their way to a shot at tag-team gold?

Don’t miss the return of Irn Jew, and the main roster debut of The Rodgers Brothers, which will surely lead to a fantastic tag team contest, with championship ramifications hanging in the balance!

ICW: Now For Something Completely Different, part of ICW’s Flying Circus run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, takes place at City Nightclub on Sunday, August 9th, at City Nightclub. Tickets for this event, and all other ICW’s Flying Circus shows, are available now at

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