Irn Jew vs The GZRS
By Scott Reid
Posted On 11-08-2015 00:20 GMT
Tags: Colt Cabana , Grado

ICW's Flying Circus run at the City Nightclub, during the Edinburgh Fringe festival, has already brought us two incredible events, but this Sunday, August 16th, Night 3 will play host to a match that has so many ICW fans ecstatic with anticipation.

At ICW: Now For Something Completely Different, the newly reuinted team of Grado and Colt Cabana, collectively known as Irn Jew, defeated The Rodgers Brothers to become the new #1 Contenders to the ICW Tag Team Championships. They will receive their shot against Polo Promotions on August 23rd, but before that, they have been announced to face two new faces to ICW, who are coming to the land of Insane with a load of popularity behind them; Tom Irvin and Sebastian, the team known simply as The GZRS.

Two names who have been gaining a lot of momentum south of the border, The GZRS have been touted for a long time as a tandem who would be welcomed to ICW with open arms, and now, fans will finally get to see Sebastian and Tom Irvin in an ICW ring. Promising to get the fans going "Absolutely Geeze!", Sebastian and Irvin have been eager to get in the ICW ring for some time, but they face a big challenge in their debut match, as they take on the former ICW Tag Tem Champions, Irn Jew!

Grado and Colt Cabana may be two of the most unorthodox competitors in all of professional wrestling, but no-one can argue with their results. Having won the ICW Tag Team Championships during last years Edinburgh Fringe run for a brief, but extremeley memorable reign, Grado and Colt are a team unlike any other, and on August 16th, they will get the opportunity to officially welcome The GZRS to ICW, on their road to an ICW Tag Team Championship opportunity on August 23rd.

Don't miss this first-time ever match between two of the most unique tag teams in wrestling today. Will Irn Jew keep their momentum going, or will The GZRS pick up a huge victory on their first night in the Insane Asylum?

ICW: The Ministry Of Silly Headlocks, the 3rd night of ICW's Flying Circus run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, takes place at City Nightclub in Edinburgh this Sunday, August 16th. Tickets are available now at 

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