Insane Fight Club On BBC Three Tonight!
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 25-06-2015 14:35 GMT

When the original Insane Fight Club documentary hit the airwaves in March, 2014, the entire world sat up collectively and took notice of ICW. It wasn't only the entire length and breadth of the UK that had fun watching the exploits of Mark Dallas, Grado, Jack Jester and others on BBC, but wrestling fans the world over wanted to know more about this curious promotion from Scotland, Insane Championship Wrestling.

So successful was the program that a second documentary, Insane Fight Club 2: This Time It's Personal landed early in 2015, looking at ICW's first ever tour of both Scotland and England in October, 2014. Thousands tuned in to see what the ICW crew had been up to since last time, and the result was yet another smash hit documentary.

Tonight, the original makes a return to your TV screens, as the first Insane Fight Club documentary hits BBC Three. From 9pm, you can see exactly why thousands upon thousands across the globe are so into what ICW are presenting right now. Follow the meteoric rise of Grado, the reflective, poignant story of Jack Jester, and the simply breath-taking against-all-odds story that is Mark Dallas and his vision for what Insane Championship Wrestling could be.

Next week, Insane Fight Club 2 will re-air on BBC Three, for the first time ever across the entire UK. During it's original run, the show was featured on BBC Scotland only, but due to the fact it was the #1 rated show upon airing, the BBC have made the decision to present the documentary to a UK-wide audience!

There's never been a better chance than to show your support for all that is ICW and tune into the original Insane Fight Club on Thursday, June 25th, 2015 at 9pm.

For the avoidance of any doubt, that's tonight! So, share with your friends and introduce someone new to the company that the entire globe is talking about, ICW.