The History of Chris Renfrew & Davey Boy
By Scott Reid
Posted On 12-08-2015 23:48 GMT
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Some of ICW's greatest rivalries have built in plain view of the ICW fans. Time and again, two competitors have battled each other in a series of matches, looking to settle their respective issues, and lay to rest whatever animosity they hold. There are some feuds, however, that are built subtly over time, with the issues between two competitors growing and growing until the times comes for them to finally go hed-to-head. This is most certainly the case for Davey Boy and Chris Renfrew.

With Davey Boy vowing to take down the entire New Age Kliq, scratching each of their names off of his list as he does so, his first target is the Square Go contract holder, Chris Renfrew. While Davey and Renfrew may never have faced each other in a one-on-one contest before, the issues between these two men have been building for years, and this Sunday, August 16th at City Nightclub, we will finally see years of bad blood unleashed, as these two brawlers square off.

While they may hate the ground that the other walsk on nowadays, it may shock some to know that, once upon a time, Davey Boy and Chris Renfrew were allies. On many an occasion, Renfrew has sided with Davey Boy, often in defence of ICW. Be it in 6 Man tag team matches, or even in the infamous Team ICW vs The Official Community Glasgow Street Fight, Davey and Renfrew were two tough-as-nails scrappers who could come together to create an extremely formidable unit that could topple almost anyone. That all changed though, the night Chris Renfrew 'opened his eyes' to reform the New Age Kliq...

Turning his back on ICW, Renfrew, along with the New Age Kliq, looked to destroy everything that the ICW fans held dear, and that meant targetting the franchise tag team of Insane Championship Wrestling, The Bucky Boys. At ICW: Dave's Not Here Man, The NAK fired their first shot at The Bucky Boys, ending their first reign as ICW Tag Team Champions, and taking the gold for their own, but that would not be the end.

Now wrapped in a war for the ICW Tag Team Champions, The Bucky Boys and The New Age Kliq traded title reigns back and forth, with the rivalry becoming extremely personal. However, while Stevie Boy was by no means shying away from the action, The New Age Kliq took to targetting Davey more often than not, looking to keep the Buckfast Barbarian weakened as much as they could. In a disgusting attempt to rid ICW of Davey Boy for good, Renfrew shcoked everyone at ICW: Up And Atom in May 2014, when he viciously attacked Davey with a pair of scissors, plunging them into his eye, and putting him on the injured list. As if that wasn't enough however, The NAK would later attack Davey in the street during his time off, severely injuring his knee, and causing him to take even more time off from ICW.

Having taken months off of Davey Boy's career, one would assume that Renfrew's sick sense of humour had been satisfied, but this was only the beginning of what would become an even more personal affair.

During Davey's time off to rehab his injuries, his long-time partner Stevie Boy began competing as a singles wrestler in ICW, challenging for the ICW Zero-G Championship on a number of occasions, and really finding his feet as a solo competitor. When Davey Boy eventually did return to action, The reformed Bucky Boys looked to pick up where they left off, but very evident cracks began to show very quickly in the ring. Unable to get the job done like they used too, The Bucky Boys were having a hard time re-establishing themselves as the top tag team in ICW, and in that uncertain time, Chris Renfrew saw his moment to strike.

Somehow getting in the ear of Stevie Boy, Renfrew convinced 'Jeremy Kyle's Worst Fucking Nightmare' to leave Davey Boy behind, and align himself with the New Age Kliq, leading to Stevie Boy levelling Davey with a Destroyer at ICW: Flawless Victory.

Broken bones can be mended, and injuries heal in time, but taking Davey's family from him was the last straw. Now without the one person he trusted and loved like no other, Davey Boy is a man who has been beaten down, and won't stand for it anymore, and all of this heartache leads back to one man; Chris Renfrew.

This Sunday, at City Nightclub in Edinburgh, Davey Boy looks to gain his vengeance for years of torment, and for the loss of his family, but will Chris Renfrew once again have an ace up his sleeve to get the better of the Buckfast Barbarian? This will not simply be a match between two of ICW's top competitors. This will be a battle that lays years of rage and hatred to rest, and you will not want to miss a moment of it!

ICW: The Ministry Of Silly Headlocks takes place this Sundayk, August 16th, at City Nightclub. Tickets are available now at 

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