BT Gunn Vs Chris Ridgeway
By Scott Reid
Posted On 09-03-2017 20:27 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Chris Ridgeway

On Friday 10th March at the o2 Academy Liverpool, one of the most anticipated matches of the weekend's events will take place, when 'The Oddity' BT Gunn goes one-on-one with 'Smashmouth' Chris Ridgeway!

One of the very best that this country has ever produced, BT Gunn has seen it all and done it all in British Wrestling. Competing at the highest level each and every time he steps in the ring, BT can do it all, and dazzles the fans every time he appears. Returning to action after a violent encounter with the Bucky Boys, BT will go one-on-one with a man who has often been compared to him, Chris Ridgeway. With the young man always out to make an example of his opponent, will 'The Oddity' show that Chris Ridgeway can't stand up to the likes of BT Gunn just yet?

A young man with frightening talent, Chris Ridgeway can drop his opponent in the blink of an eye with his lightning fast offence. Out simply to prove that he is the next generation superstar of British Wrestling, 'Smashmouth' Chris Ridgeway gets his shot at one of ICW's finest this Friday in Liverpool, when he takes on BT Gunn. With a huge opportunity like this standing in front of him, Chris will do whatever it takes to leave the 02 Academy Liverpool with the victory. Can he score a massive win by defeating 'The Oddity'?

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