Grado VS Iestyn Rees
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-02-2016 14:16 GMT
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This Sunday’s stacked card at the Garage in Glasgow will feature the return of the man who recently lost the ICW World Heavyweight Championship to Chris Renfrew at the Fifth Annual Square Go. For the first time since January 24th, Grado will be in action, but on his first night back, The Stevenston Dream will not be in for an easy shift, as he goes up against a powerhouse who impressed a lot of people during last year’s Road To Fear & Loathing Tour, Iestyn Rees.

While his ICW World Heavyweight Championship reign may have come to an end, Grado has made a career of always getting back up when he’s down, and this Sunday should be no exception. Proving throughout 2015 that he truly is one of ICW’s top stars, Grado took on all challengers, defeating competitors twice his size who ordinary men would shudder at the sight of. His opponent this Sunday may be one of the most physically dominant competitors in the whole of the UK, but if Grado wants to get back into winning ways, and put himself back in the title picture, he will need to dig deep, and fight harder than he ever has before to pick up the win. If there’s one man who can overcome the odds put in front of him however, it’s Grado!

First impressions can mean everything in ICW, and during last year’s Road To Fear & Loathing Tour, Iestyn Rees made a huge first impression when battled Big Damo in Southampton. A monstrous competitor, Iestyn’s herculean strength pushed the Beast of Belfast to his limits, and left every fan in attendance on notice, that Iestyn Rees is no ordinary competitor. Now making his first appearance at an ICW show in the company’s home of Glasgow, Rees has the chance to make an even bigger impression than before, by taking down the former ICW World Heavyweight Champion Grado. If he can pick up the victory this Sunday, Iestyn Rees could very well put himself into title contention, and cement his place in Insane Championship Wrestling!

Will Grado’s return to ICW be a triumphant one this Sunday, or will Iestyn Rees make a huge impact in Insane Championship Wrestling’s home town?

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