Grado VS Jack Jester
By Scott Reid
Posted On 04-10-2015 22:10 GMT
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Since Insane Championship Wrestling began its journeys downsouth, no city south of the border has hosted an ICW event more often than Newcastle. Having bore witness to some of the biggest matches of the past few years in ICW, Newcastle has become a city where anything can happen, with the inmates of the Asylum roll into town.

On October 9th at the 02 Academy, Insane Championship Wrestling returns to Newcastle one more time, for ICW: One Fall Brawl, and this time, the stars of Insane Fight Club will collide in a huge match which will no doubt push the #1 Contender to his very limits, as Grado goes head-to-head with his former friend, 'The Harcore Icon' Jack Jester!
A phenomenon in British Wrestling, Grado's heart, desire, and unbreakable spirit have seen him climb the mountain as the ultimate underdog, on his journey to stardom. On November 15th, he will challenge Drew Galloway for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, but before he reaches his date with destiny, he will have to contend with evety obstacle that ICW GM Red Lightning throws in his way. While his opponent may be one of the most sadistic competitors in the business today, Grado has shown that, when the situation calls for it, he can be as hardcore as anyone on the ICW roster, and he will let nothing stand in his way of reaching his goal of becoming ICW World Heavyweight Champion. On October 9th, Grado may be in for one of the most barbaric battles of his career, but he never backs down from a fight, no matter what the odds.

With that being said, the odd's may be stacked against him more than ever before, as he faces the Hardcore Icon himself, Jack Jester. A former ICW Heavyweight Champion, Jester is, without a doubt, one of the most barbaric competitors to ever grace these shores. Sadistic, merciless and willing to go to any lengths to inflict serious damage to his opponents, Jester has long been known as a very dangerous opponent, but since aligning with The Black Label back in July, he has become even more violent, using even the sickest parts of his imagination to deal out punishment in the ring. With Grado looking to take the gold from around the waist of Jester's friend, Drew Galloway, on November 15th, the Hardcore Icon will do everything in his power to not only defeat Grado, but to make sure he never reaches the SECC, and with the The Black Label and The 55 waiting in the wings to assist him at any moment, he may just succeed.

Don't miss the collision between Insane FIght Club's stars, this Friday! Can Grado overcome this violent obstacle, or will Jester pick up another win for The Black Label?

ICW: One Fall Brawl takes place at the 02 Academy Newecastle on Friday October 9th, as part of the Road To Fear & Loathing Tour. Tickets for this show, and all other tour events, are available at,, and!

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