Grado VS Bram
By Scott Reid
Posted On 29-04-2015 00:19 GMT
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As part of July's 'Waynestock' Weekender, ICW: Shug's Hoose Party II will surely be one of the biggest parties of the summer, but as with any good party, there's two people who just absolutely cannot stand one and other, and in the 02 ABC, they will collide in front of the rabid ICW fans. Looking for redemption from Barramania, Grado looks to put down the newest member of The 55, the 'King of Hardcore' Bram.

Making his Insane Championship Wrestling debut at ICW: Blow In the Cartridge, Bram is known throughout the wrestling world as one of the most vile, sadistic competitors in the game, but no-one could expected huge Englishman to appear and join forces with The 55, seemingly being bought over by the rather large bak balance of James R. Kennedy. A man who thrives of violence and pain, Bram is a perfect fit for The 55, who have caused nothing but anarchy since their alignment back at the Fourth Annual Square Go. With their main target being Grado, Bram has a perfect opportunity at Shug's Hoose Party II to finally put 'The Stevenston Dream' on the shelf, and do what no-one else has yet been able to; Kill Gradomania. Knowing a thousand ways to hurt an opponent with his bare hands, and a thousand more with a weapon, Bram is a one-man wrecking crew, at the 02 ABC on July 26th, he may very well end the fairy-tale story of Grado!

One thing that should be noted, however, is that Grado asked for this match personally. Sick of being the whipping boy for Bram and The 55, Grado explicately requested the opportunity to face Bram at the 02 ABC, so the Stevenston Dream must have confidence that he can stop James R. Kennedy's monster. Never one to enter into a match lightly, Grado will surely have a plan when he takes on 'The King of Hardcore', but what that plan may be remains to be seen. All we know, is that Grado is a man who lives to beat the odds, and no matter what Bram, James R. Kennedy, or The 55 may throw at him, Grado will surely have a game-plan in mind to come out as the victor at on July 26th!

For the first time ever in an ICW ring, Grado will go one-on-one with Bram, but will the People's Champion be able to slay the monster? Or will Bram once again leave Grado lying, out cold, on the ring canvas?

ICW: Shug's Hoose Party II, part of the Waynestock weekender, takes place at the 02 ABC in Glasgow on Sunday, July 26th. Tickets for this event, and for the entire Waynestock weekender, are available at and

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