Drew Galloway VS Jack Jester
By Scott Reid
Posted On 22-02-2017 18:17 GMT
Tags: Drew Galloway , Jack Jester

In Professional Wrestling, certain competitors often find themselves tied to another, no matter what paths they take. In Insane Championship Wrestling, two competitors who seemed to be interwined in one and others careers are Jack Jester & Drew Galloway. Two world class wrestlers who have been the best of friends, and the most violent enemies, the fall of The Black Label has set Jester & Drew in a twisted game of Cat & Mouse, with Galloway tormenting his former friend as every turn. 

With no option but to face his former best friend, Jester has challenged Drew to face him in the very venue that they sold out once before, the legendary Barrowland Ballroom, on April 16th at Barramania III! With so much history between these two men, the physical consequences of this contest could be severe, but will Jester or Drew be the victor in this extremely personal match?

Since turning his back on the Black Label at Fear & Loathing IX in November, Jack Jester is once again back in his rightful place as the standard bearer for Insane Championship Wrestling, regaining the love and support of the ICW fans in the process. While he may have Drew Galloway stalking his every move at the moment, Jester is fearless in the face of anyone, especially his former friend, and he refuses to back down as long as their is breath in his body. At Barramania III, Jester will return to a venue that means so much to him, to take on, arguably, his greatest rival, but this is the type of challenge that Jack Jester thrives on. Can Jester put a stop to Drew's relentless mind games on April 16th?

Over the past few weeks, Drew Galloway's mental state has been called into question, with the former ICW World Heavyweight Champion appearing bloodthirsty one moment, and calm and calculating the next. Clearly effected by Jester's defection from The Black Label, Drew has focused his sights on his former friend, claiming that he will 'help' the Hardcore Icon, no matter what. When they meet at Barramania III, will Jack Jester face the cold, calm Drew Galloway, or the Insane Phenom who demands blood from his former friend?

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