Drew Galloway VS Mark Coffey
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-02-2016 14:59 GMT
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The last time ICW headed to the Garage, fans were treated to the one night only return of The Polo Lounge. Hosted by Jackie Polo, Polo Promotions took aim at The Black Label with their unique comedy stylings. Proclaiming that the ‘Heavy Hitters’ of The Black Label could never seem to show up, Mark Coffey went on to impersonate former ICW World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway, stating that ICW was nothing more than a ‘Holiday Home’ to Drew.

If it was a reaction that Polo Promotions wanted, then that’s exactly what they’ve got this Sunday, as Drew Galloway makes his return to ICW for the first time in 2016, to take on ‘The Real Deal’ Mar Coffey. Both Jack Jester and Jackie Polo will be at ringside for this contest, as second’s for their respective team-mates, but will this stay a one-on-one match, or will Polo Promotions and The Black Label comes to blows in the Garage?

One of the most promising stars to come out of the trainings schools of Scotland in the past few years, Mark Coffey is as gifted as they come between the ropes, and has fast become one of ICW’s most beloved stars. While mostly seen tagging alongside Jackie Polo, Mark also has an extremely impressive resume as a singles competitor, having won the ICW Zero-G Championship twice in his career already. Add a record-setting reign as ICW Tag Team Champion to that resume, and there can be no denying that Mark Coffey is one of the most well-rounded competitors to ever step foot in an ICW ring. Highly skilled, and as tough as they come, Mark backs down from no man, and things will be no different when he faces off against the former ICW World Heavyweight Champion this Sunday.

Whether you love or hate Drew Galloway, no-one deny the credentials of the man. Having competed all over the world, on some of the biggest stages that Professional Wrestling has to offer, Drew has racked up titles all over the planet, and as such, is one of the most feared and respected wrestlers in the business today. One of the top advisers to ICW Majority Owner Red Lightning, Drew is doing everything in his power to mould Insane Championship Wrestling into what The Black Label envisions it could be, but with Polo Promotions having showed their support for Mark Dallas’s ICW, along with Mark’s mockery at last Garage event, Drew is looking to take no prisoners as he aims to shut Polo Promotions up once and for all on February 21st. With revenge on his mind, and with Jack Jester by his side, will Drew make a statement upon his return to ICW?

These two top class athletes go head-to-head this Sunday, but will Mark Coffey pull off, arguably, the biggest win of his ICW career, or will Drew and The Black Label make Polo Promotions suffer for a joke gone too far?

Tickets for this event, taking place this Sunday, February 21st, at the Garage in Glasgow, are available now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.triplegmusic.com!

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