Flying Circus Night 1 Results
By Scott Reid
Posted On 03-08-2015 17:38 GMT

Night 1 of ICW's Flying Circus run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival truly set the bar for what is to come over the next few weeks, with some of the very best in ICW going all out, in one of the most high-octane shows that ICW fans had ever seen.

Opening the night was Davey Boy vs Saqib Ali. Prior to the match, Saqib's new representative, Chris Toal, explained to Davey that, while they were good friends, Saqib taking on the 'Buckfast Barbarian' was purely business, and once the opening bell rang, both competitors were certainly all business. While he may be new to the main roster of Insane Championship Wrestling, 'The Sultan of Swing' Saqib Ali took the fight to Davey hard, refusing to let his larger opponent get the better of him. However, months of built-up fury seems to be driving Davey Boy as of late, and it wasnt long before he bulldozed through Saqib, finishing him off for the 3 count. Post-match, Davey took to the mic for a rare in-address, calling out the New Age Kliq. Claiming that his months of blind rage had stopped him from exacting revenge on Stevie Boy and the rest of the NAK, Davey stated that it was time to change his game plan, and that he would be coming after the Kliq one-by-one. First on his list is Chris Renfrew, and there's no telling what will happen when Davey gets his hands on the new Square Go Contract holder!

It was then time for 'The Iron Man' Joe Coffey to once again hand out justice to The 55, as he took on Kid Fite. Two of the toughest, and most well-travelled men in all of ICW, Joe Coffey and Kid Fite don't give less than 100% when they're in the ring, but they get their results very differently. Kid Fite tried his best to wear down Joe, attempting to utilise the ringside assistance of James R. Kennedy and Timm Wylie, but 'The Iron Man' refused to lay down for The 55, beating them at their own game, and picking up the victory over yet another member of the violent firm. Is Joe on his way to taking down the entire 55 single-handedly?

The Zero-G Champion Stevie Boy has been much more vocal than ever before recently, and at City Nightclub, he had plenty to get off his chest. Angry at being the poster-boy for the Waynestock weekender, despite not having a match, Stevie's rage was only accentuated by the absence of his proposed opponent for the night, Grado, who was not medically cleared to compete. Steveie didn't have to look far for an opponent, as Lou King Sharp suddenly appeared from the crowd, dropkicking the shocked Zero-G Champion. Red Lightning quickly came to the ring, stating that, while he had fired Lou King sharp, he was happy to give him a match, to let Stevie Boy deal with him. What unfolded was a fast-paced, high-flying contest between two of the most agile stars in British Wrestling today. Lou King Sharp competed at a level worthy a legitimate Zero-G contender, but it was not enough to put away Stevie Boy, who looked better than ever. Is the New age Kliq's influence creating an even more impressive Stevie Boy?

Stevie's celebration was quickly cut short by Mikey Whiplash however, he ran to ring, taking out Stevie, as he awaited the arrival of his opponent, Wolfgang. In a rematch of one of the biggest matches that Edinburgh, and ICW as a whole, had ever seen, Wolfgang and Mikey Whiplash tore each other apart, fuelled by the ever-growing NAK/Legion hatred. These two former Zero-G Champions are two of the baddest competitors to ever step foot in an ICW ring, and in City Nightclub, they did everything in their power to beat each other into submission. In the end though, it was a unexpected shot to the chin with his trademark Brass Knuckles that helped Wolfgang take out the painted warrior, as he continues his recent wining streak in ICW.

After a much needed interval to let everyone cool off, Sha Samuels made his way to the ring, accompanied by James R. Kennedy and Timmy Wylie, to take on 'The Local Hero' Joe Hendry. Prior to the match, Joe looked to get under the skin of the one-man riot, by unveiling the 'trailer' for Sha Samuels: the Movie. While it certainly cheered the fans up, it seemed to only make the already unpredictable Samuels even more angry, with he and Joe coming to vicious blows in the ring. While Joe looked to have Sha's number on a few occasions, the numbers game of the 55 caught ot the Local Hero, as James R. Kennedy and Timm Wylie assisted Sha in the pinfall, allowing the East-End Butcher to leave as the winner.  As The 55 continued to assault Joe Hendry however, 'The International Sex Hero' DCT blazed to the ring, looked for vengeance against The 55, after ruining his wedding to Viper last Sunday. While he may be one of ICW's more 'larger-than-life' competitors, DCT is already for a fight, as shown when he took Sha Samuels to the ground, punishing him, and chasing The rest of The 55 to the back.

It was then time for the NAK/Legion war to write another chapter, as Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn battled Tommy End and Michael Dante for the #1 Contendership to the ICW Tag Team Championship. Both teams are former tag team champions in their own right, but the chance to compete for the gold one more time fired these 4 competitors up to the maximum. This desire to win, plus the years of bad blod between the two units, made for an extremely physical match, which saw all 4 man battle around the venue, with BT even launching himself from City Nightclubs balcony, all in pursuit of their shot at glory. Eventually, it would be the Sumerian Death Squad who would pick up the win, but they were by no means done with the NAK on that evening. Pre-empting Wolfgang's involvement, Mikey Whiplash ran to the ring post-match, lying out the NAK's enforcer, and duct-taping he and Renfrew to the ring ropes, forcing them to watch as Legion delivered a brutal beatdown to BT Gunn. In a scene that unsettled many in the crowd, Legion swore that no matter what the New Age Kliq threw at them, they could is better, and more violently. Is this but a taster of what is to come when these to factions face-off in a Steel Cage match at Fear & Loathing VIII on November 15th, at the SECC?

Noam Dar was set to take on The 55's Martin Kirby next, but before the match could begin, Noam threw out a challenge to Kirby; if Noam could defeat him, The 55 would disband, never to be seen again in ICW. More than confident that he could dispose of Noam, Kirby accpeted the challenge as the match kicked off. Two of the fastest men in British Wrestling, Kirby and Dar move like lightning between the ropes, never slowing down, or giving their opponent a moment to breath. While he was extremely confident in his abilities though, Kirby fell victim to Noam's Heel Hook, and was forced to tap out. Noam may have though that he had single-handedly defeated The 55, but Red Lightning was quick to reverse the decision, once again asserting his dominance over ICW.

Looking to stack the odds against the Beast of Belfast once again, Red Lightning continued to change the card for the evening, announcing that Damo vs Jack Jester would now be a Lumberjack match, with The 55 acting as the Lumberjacks for the contest. Understandebly enraged at having the ICW World Heavyweight Championship ripped away from him, Damo was ready for a fight, whether it was against Jack Jester, or the entire 55 at one time. Beating down on Jester, and turning his attention to the competitors on the outside whenever, Damo's fury seemed to be keeping him in the contest, but Jack Jester was able to capitalise on The 55's involvement, scoring the win over Big Damo, before leaving through the crowd. As The 55 looked to take out the Beast of Belfast for good though, Noam Dar, Joe Coffey, DCT and Joe Hendry made the save, sending The 55 running for the hills. they may have thwarted Red Lightning and The 55's plans for one night, but what will the General Manager have in store for these men when ICW returns to City Nightclub this Sunday, for ICW: Now For Something Completely Different? All 5 of these competitors had better watch their backs!

ICW: Now For Something Completely Different, part of ICW's Flying Circus Run at the Edinburgh Fringe, takes place this Sunday, August 9th, at City Nightclub in Edinburgh. Tickets for this show, as well as the entire Flying Circus run, are available at now!