By Neil Murray

It's the re-match everyone wanted to see, and new ICW Champion Mikey Whiplash has made it possible.

This morning it was announced Whiplash will take on good friend Robbie Dynamite on June 9th in a return clash from their epic Get Your Rat Oot encounter last month.

The Flava in Yer Ear Main Event will undoubtedly be another classic, but this time the championship is on the line after ICW asked Whiplash to pick his first opponent since winning the belt last Sunday.

Now the two Stoke-on-Trent natives will go toe-to-toe again, and it's a prospect which excites Dynamite. He said: "I'm shocked! I honestly expected to be working my way up the ladder in ICW against all the great talent! I'm also aware that both myself and Mikey have a great deal of respect for each other, but also that Mikey will not have chosen this first match without giving it much thought.

"He's obviously at the top of his game and ready to prove himself, so I will be ready and fully prepared come June 9th!"

The 30-year-old has held tag team titles with Whiplash down south and the two have known each other for over a decade. However, this opportunity is one of the biggest in Dynamite's career to date and he realises it happened because of the terrific feedback received from the duo's classic duel in April.

He added: "I'm overwhelmed and flattered by the response the last match got from the loyal fans at The Garage, I guarantee we only scratched the surface the last time. The last match was a game of human chess between two great friends, but this is a contest for the ICW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

"There will be no holding back this time from either party which can only mean a battle will become a war once we both enter the squared circle!"

Indeed, the respect these two competitors have for each other is beyond debate and Dynamite admits he was delighted for Whiplash when he pinned Red Lightning to seal the title win.

However, Robbie has targetted the belt his compatriot battled so hard to get and admits that will be where his focus lies. "It is always great to see those close to you for years succeed at what they love," said Dynamite.

"Very few people I've met in this sport have the passion that Mikey has. This is something we both share and why we are both so competitive, but it's a bitter sweet feeling knowing that next on my agenda is taking what he has worked so hard to get.

"My sights are locked on one thing - The ICW Heavyweight Championship!"