by Neil Murray

Dickie Divers has not finished with former Superior Talent Initiative tag team partner William Grange just yet!

The duo split around two months ago after The Bucky Boys dethroned them as ICW Tag Team Champions in a terrific ladder match at Get To Da Choppa.

Then begun the implosion of the team who had been together in ICW for two years, since their debut against Operation Red Wolf at the Notorious ICW event.

Grange, visibly upset at being a now former champion, turned on Divers at the climax of their encounter with The Bucky Boys to seal a disastrous night for the S.T.I.

Just a few short weeks later, at Get Your Rat Oot, Grange took his place on commentary claiming injury had sidelined him. However, Divers didn't take it too lightly and attacked his ex-team-mate.

Divers said: "The Grange situation is like this. I asked for a match with the big tranny and he claimed he was injured. We all know this is a lie, but Mark Dallas bought his BS so I took matters into my own hands. It left Grange with a bruise the shape of my shoe on his face and if he thinks I'm finished with him he's wrong!"

With Divers off the card for ICW: Reservoir Dogs and Grange involved in a match with Grado, Dickie insists his former partner will have to watch his back.

He added: "Dallas has left me on the sidelines for May 5th, which is fine with me because all that does is free me up to be as much of an inconvenience to Grange as I can!

"Hopefully he's gonna realise that I don't forgive or forget very easily, so the sooner he agrees to a match with me and I get my chance at slapping the make up off his face the better!"