DCT VS Stevie Boy
By Scott Reid
Posted On 27-08-2015 00:16 GMT
Tags: DCT , Stevie Boy

The ICW Zero-G Championship has become a symbol of greatness in ICW, with only the toughest and most unique competitors able to capture it. Names like Noam Dar, Andrew Wilde and Lionheart have all held the Zero-G Championship in the past, but now, the strap hangs firmly around the waist of Stevie Boy, who has been somewhat reluctant to defend the title since joining the New Age Kliq. At ICW: Spacebaws – Episode II – Come As You Are however, Stevie Boy will have no choice but to enter the ring and defend the title against a youmg man who has been on the run of his career lately, ‘The International Sex Hero’ DCT!

Winning the right to become #1 Contender to the Zero-G Championship at the last Spacebaws event, DCT has shown a level of aggression and passion that very few people thought existed in him. As hard-hitting as the come, DCT back down from no man, and has fought tooth and nail to finally get his shot at the gold. Having studied at the side of Polo Promotions, and with his ferocity only fuelled by his recent issues with The 55, DCT has gone from a boy to a man very quickly, and would like nothing more than take the ICW Zero-G Championship back home to his new wife Viper, and place it on the mantle.

However, Stevie Boy is no slouch in the ring, with or without the help of the NAK. While his ‘family’ are often quick to come to his aid, Stevie Boy is a long-standing competitor in ICW who has shown time and again how dangerous he can be. One of the fastest wrestlers in ICW, Stevie Boy dazzles fans with his lightning fast kicks, and aerial offence which can often be too much for his opponents to handle. People can say what they like about the young man, but there is a reason Stevie Boy currently holds the ICW Zero-G Championship, and it isn’t luck. Stevie possesses all the tools to be one of the best in the business, and he will look to prove that this Sunday against DCT.

Can Stevie Boy continue to hold onto the ICW Zero-G Championship, or will DCT’s momentum continue, as he picks up his first title in Insane Championship Wrestling? Don’t miss this huge main event, this Sunday at the Garage!

ICW: Spacebaws – Episode II – Come As You Are, takes place this Sunday August 30th, at the Garage in Glasgow. Tickets on sale now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk!

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