DCT VS Bram - Steel Cage Match
By Scott Reid
Posted On 25-06-2016 00:57 GMT
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A man's wedding anniversary is supposed to be a happy day, where he and his partner look back on, what is often, the greatest day of their lives. For'The International Sex Hero' DCT however, his first wedding anniversary will be unlike any other, as he steps foot into one of the most dangerous matches in all of Professional Wrestling, with a man who has made a name for himself around the world by inflicting inhuman amounts of punishment on his opponents.

At Shug's Hoose Party II, DCT and his bride Viper finally tied the knot, in front of the sold out Glasgow crowd. With the wedding going off without a hitch, the happy coupled were officially married, and looked to enjoy the festivities of their happy day, but ICW Majority Owner Red Lightning had other ideas. Sending The 55 to put a stop to the proceedings, James R. Kennedy's thugs fought off Polo Promotions, leaving DCT & Viper alone in the ring with the monster known Bram. After viciously beating down DCT and tying him in the ring ropes, Bram then turned his attention to Viper, piledriving the bride through her own wedding cake, while her husband could only watch in horror.

Now, one year from that night, DCT will finally get his chance at vengeance, when he takes on Bram inside a Steel Cage. With payback on his mind, DCT will willingly lock himself inside the steel structure on July 31st at the 02 ABC, with is his quest for redemption one that could end his career in professional wrestling?

While he may be known as a flamboyant and charismatic young competitor, DCT has shown, over time, that he is one of the most resilient wrestlers on the current ICW roster. Often the smaller man in the contest, DCT can withstand huge levels of punishment, all the while giving just as good as he gets, and never backing down from anyone. Determined to climb the ladder in ICW, and capture that coveted ICW Zero-G Championship that he has been chasing for so long, DCT has fought tooth and nail to get to where he is right now, but on July 31st, his professional aspirations will be put to one side as he fights for something more than gold. He fights for revenge, and with his hatred for Bram feuling him on, DCT may just pull off the biggest win of his career, and finally vanquish The Monster from his life!

Violence personified, Bram is a man who takes great pleasure in the misery of others, and for the past year, the misery of DCT has been making The Monster laugh over and over again. Completely remorseless over his actions at last year's Shug's Hoose Party, Bram has engrained himself into the mind of DCT, driving 'The Lone Striker' crazy for almost 12 months. Having brutalised DCT in London, before showing up unexpectedly in Glasgow to shave The International Sex Hero's trademark moustache in a truly horrific scene, Bram has gone out of his way to antagonise and infuriate his opponent ahead of Shug's Hoose Party III. While many men would shudder at the very thought of entering a Steel Cage, Bram revels in Professional Wrestling's most violent scenarios, and on July 31st, he plans to eviscerate DCT in front of the heated Glasgow crowd, and the worldwide PPV audience, and prove once again why he is the modern-day monster of Professional Wrestling!

Don't miss this huge match, one year in the making, as DCT takes on Bram inside a Steel Cage!

Tickets for Shug's Hoose Party III, at the 02 ABC on July 31st, are available to buy now on www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.triplegmusic.com, and www.tickets-scotland.co.uk!

This event will be broadcast around the world on iPPV, on FITE! Start time 7.30pm GMT, 2.30pm ET, and 11.30am PT! Check out www.fite.tv for more details

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