Stevie Boy VS Davey Boy
By Scott Reid
Posted On 03-11-2015 01:05 GMT
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Fear & Loathing VIII is a night when scores will be settled, wars will be waged, and history will be made. With some of the top talent in ICW competiting on this night, everyone will be looking to steal the show. Whether their battles are fought for glory, or for personal reasons, everyone who competes at Fear & Loathing VIII will be out to leave an impression on the sold out audience that night, and one of the biggest impressions may be left by two of ICW's top young stars, as we see the end of an era in Insane Championship Wrestling.

In the battle for the ICW Zero-G Championship, we will see the final nail put in the coffin of one of ICW's most important entities. After 5 years of blood, sweat and tears, fans at the sold out SECC on November 15th will witness final chapter in the tale of the former Bucky Boys, as Stevie Boy puts the ICW Zero-G Championshipaon the line against his former partner, 'The Buckfast Barbarian' Davey Boy. In a match that many fans thought they would never see, this once inseparable pair will collide for the first time ever in an ICW ring, in what could very well be the most emotionally-charged contests in Insane Championship Wrestling history.

One united as The Bucky Boys, Davey Boy and Stevie Boy helped mould the ICW Tag Team Division from it's earliest days, and would go on to become two-time ICW Tag Team Champions. However, after a number of setbacks through injuries, The Bucky Boys began to show cracks in their armour, but never seemed to be faultering their personal friendship. The severity of their issues came to light in April however at Flawless Victory, when Stevie Boy did the unthinkable by turning his back on Davey and their manager, The Wee Man, to join their long-standing rivals, The New Age Kliq. Heartbroken and fueled by the rage from Stevie's betrayal, Davey swore to make the NAK, and Stevie Boy in particular, pay for their sins.

After taking down most of the New Age Kliq throughout the last few months, Davey Boy was almost within reaching distance of the one-on-one match against Stevie that he so desired, but before the final leg of the Road To Fear & Loathing Tour, the New Age Kliq put The Buckfast Barbarian in hospital, swearing he would never get his shot at the ICW Zero-G Champion. ICW Owner Mark Dallas had other plans though, and has officially confirmed that, on November 15th, Davey Boy will finally get his shot at the ICW Zero-G Championship, when he takes on the current champion, Stevie Boy!

Stevie Boy may have the most feared backup in professional wrestling today, but even on his own, the current ICW Zero-G Champion is one of the most impressive young stars that this country has ever produced. Long thought of as a high-flying tag wrestler, Stevie has stepped out of the shadow of his former self and grown into one of the most talked about singles competitors in all of ICW. While his methods are not always honourable, Stevie is undoubtedly one of the craftiest grapplers in ICW, using his speed and aerial assault to outwit opponents on the road to victory. While he may be facing a much stronger challenger at Fear & Loathing VIII, Stevie always has an ace up his sleeve, and will do whatever it takes to keep hold of the ICW Zero-G Championship.

They say that when a man has everything taken from him, he is at his most dangerous, as he fights with nothing to lose. This could not be truer of Davey Boy. Immensely proud of his time as one half of The Bucky Boys, Davey's friendship with Stevie meant everything to him, and having it torn from him by the very person he trusted more than anyone has moulded the Buckfast Barbarian into a competitor driven by fury and revenge. Immensely strong, Davey Boy is one of ICW's heaviest hitters, who can brawl with the best of them on any given day. Now fueld by his desire to become ICW Zero-G Champion, and to teach Stevie a lesson, can Davey complete his months-long mission, and leave the SECC with the gold in possession?

Don't miss blockbuster match for the ICW Zero-G Championship, as Davey Boy and Stevie Boy stand on their own two feet as singles competitors, and usher off the last remnants of their time as The Bucky Boys. No matter what the outcome of this huge match, you can bet emotions will be running high from bell to bell!

ICW: Fear & Loathing VIII at the SECC, on Sunday November 15th, is now sold out! However, you can watch this whole event from 9pm on Monday November 16th, exclusively on ICW On Demand! Subscribe to ICW On Demand now by heading over to, or by searching for ICW On Demand on your Roku device!

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