Davey Boy VS Lionheart
By Scott Reid
Posted On 07-01-2016 22:37 GMT
Tags: Davey Blaze , Lionheart

The ICW roster appears to be fracturing straight down the middle as of late. On one side, there as those who stand with Red Lightning and The Black Label regime, and on the other are those who remain loyal to former ICW owner, Mark Dallas. After the events of last weekend, two competitors from either side of the battlefield are set to square off this Sunday, at the Garage in Glasgow, for one of the most coveted prizes in the company. January 10th, 'The Buckfast Barbarian' Davey Boy puts the ICW Zero-G Championship on the line against 'The Bad Motherfucker' Lionheart!

Last Sunday night, Davey Boy laid out the challenge to Lionheart, looking to gain some revenge for his friend Dallas, after The Bad Motherfucker viciously attacked the ICW founder, Superkicking him in the centre of the ring. With Lionheart accepting the challenge, the match is set, as the current standard-bearer of the Zero-G Division goes up against one on it's innovaters.

Since winning the ICW Zero-G Championship at Fear & Loathing VIII, Davey Boy has worn the title with pride and honour, taking on anyone who dares stand in the ring and face him. Not only is Davey a proud champion however, he is also fiercely loyal to those he considers friends, and as such, he has taken the recent attack on Mark Dallas very personally. Determined to get some redemption for his friend, The Buckfast Barbarian marches into the Garage this Sunday with cruel intentions on his mind, and there may be no-one who can stop him from tearing Lionheart to pieces.

While Davey Boy has had the ICW Zero-G Championship around his waist for a number of months, one man who has already tatsed success in the Zero-G Division is Lionheart. A former champion in his own right, The Bad Motherfucker knows exactly what it takes to win in a big match situation and, as his recent actions have shown, he will do anything in his power to get what he wants. Having declared his allegiance to Red Lightning, Lionheart may have an ace up his sleeve in this match, in the form of The Black Label anf The 55, but even without their assistance, The Bad Motherfucker is an extremely crafty and intelligent competitor. Could he knock Davey off his throne this Sunday, and become a 2-time ICW Zero-G Champion?

Don't miss this huge showdown, as the ICW Zero-G Championship is put on the line, when Davey Boy steps into the ring with Lionheart!

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