Davey Boy VS Jack Jester
By Scott Reid
Posted On 17-06-2016 15:45 GMT
Tags: Davey Blaze , Jack Jester

This Sunday, June 19th, at The Garage in Glasgow, 'The Buckfast Barbarian' Davey Boy will return to singles action, as he takes on 'Big Kink' himself, Jack Jester!

Despite the in-fighting between Joe Hendry & The Wee Man, The Local Fire has been on a roll as of late, with Davey Boy once again embracing the tag team roots that made him famous in ICW. Having been a vocal supporter of Mark Dallas in the war against The Black Label however, Davey has made himself a target of Red Lightning, and this Sunday, he will take on one of The Black Label's big guns, Jack Jester. Having known his opponent for years, both as a friend and an enemy, Davey knows not to take this match lightly, and will surely be training extremely hard in preparation. With his impressive strength, and often uncontrollable rage, Davey Boy is as rough of an opponent as they come, and will no doubt unleash every bit of his fury on Jack Jester this Sunday!

One of the crown jewels of The Black Label, former ICW Heavyweight Champion Jack Jester has the world in the palm of his hand right now. With The Black Label by his side, Jester is running roughshod over everyone that gets in his way, humiliating opponents for his own personal amusement, and making sure that everyone stays in line. While his opponent this Sunday may be a superior opponent in terms of strength, Jester's cunning intellect, plus his always-present support from The Black Label, makes him an extremely tough opponent to keep down, and it may be those factors that allow him to pick up the victory over The Buckfast Barbarian this Sunday!

Tickets for ICW Fight Club, at The Garage in Glasgow, on Sunday June 19th are on sale now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.triplegmusic.com and www.tickets-scotland.co.uk

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