Noam Dar VS Drew Galloway
By Scott Reid
Posted On 01-12-2015 18:43 GMT
Tags: Drew Galloway , Noam Dar

ICW was shaken to it's very foundations on November 29th, when Red Lightning revealed that he had purchased the assets on Insane Championship Wrestling and, in the process, had become the majority owner of the company. With The Black Label now with absolute power, all those who have opposed them in the past could be in for a rough ride in ICW, and first on Red Lightning's hit-list is Noam Dar.

Having been a very vocal critic of Red Lightning's time as ICW General Manager, Noam Dar has been at odd's with the former ICW Heavyweight Champion on a number of occasions, but at The Garage on December 6th, Noam will have the odd's stacked against him more than ever, when he takes on Drew Galloway, with his ICW career on the line!

No-one has seen or heard from Drew Galloway since Fear & Loathing VIII, when he lost the ICW World Heavyweight Championship to Noam Dar's best friend, Grado. No doubt enraged at his loss, and ready to get back into contention for the title, Galloway returns to ICW on December 6th, and will be out to make an example of Noam, with The Black Label in his corner. The Black Label have rarely shown any consideration for the rest of the ICW roster, so will Drew Galloway use the numbers game to his advantage, to send Noam Dar packing from ICW?

Having been a part of Insane Championship Wrestling since he was a teenager, Noam Dar has grown up in the company, developing his skills in the ICW ring on the road to becoming one of the UK's most talked about grapplers. A former ICW-Zero-G Champion, Noam knows what it takes to achieve success in the harsh environment of ICW, and when his back is to the wall this Sunday, the 'Jewdi Master' will fight harder than anyone to defend his ICW career, no matter how many challenges he faces.

Will Noam Dar succeed in taking down Drew Galloway in the Garage to secure his job in ICW, or will The Black Label make sure that December 6th is the final time that Insane Championship Wrestling fan's ever see 'The Champagne Supernova'?

Tickets for ICW's Friday Night Fight Club taping are still available. The show takes places from The Garage in Glasgow on Sunday, December 6th, 2015. Head to and for ticket information!


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