Damo VS Mikey Whiplash
By Scott Reid
Posted On 06-03-2016 15:42 GMT
Tags: Damo , Mikey Whiplash

For the first time since it changed hands in Belfast during the 'Aff The Telly' Tour, the ICW World Heavyweight Championship will be put on the line at the Garage in Glasgow, as Big Damo makes his first title defence in ICW's home city against former champion, Mikey Whiplash.

Having been robbed of his chance at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship by The Black Label back in July, it has been a long road back to the top for 'The Beast of Belfast', but his dream of capturing the ICW World Heavyweight Championship finally became a reality, when he defeated Chris Renfrew for the title in his home town of Belfast only 1 week ago. Despite having been on a near-unstoppable run for the past few months, Damo still went into this match as the underdog in many people's eyes, but after beating Renfrew to the point of unconsciousness, there was no denying that Damo was the rightful and worthy ICW World Heavyweight Champion. A human wrecking ball, Damo is one of the most feared and respected competitors to ever lace up a pair of boots in this country. As he returns to Glasgow with the gold in his possession, he will in for a long night when he puts the title on the line against a former champion in Mikey Whiplash, but with his herculean strength, his frightening speed, and his world-travelled experience, Damo will be using everything in his arsenal to ensure that his ICW World Heavyweight Championship reign continues on after March 6th.

A former ICW Heavyweight Champion in his own right, Mikey Whiplash is veiwed by many as one of the best professional wrestlers that the UK has ever produced. A world-class technician who can go hold-for-hold with almost anyone put in front of him, Whiplash has battled some of the best in the world, and with that comes a level of experience that few others in this country have. On the other side of the coin however, some would also say that Mikey Whiplash is certifiably insane, having been part of some of the most barbaric, violent matches and moments in ICW history. Once known as 'The Suicide King', Whiplash would constantly put his own body on the line, looking to prove himself against the best that ICW has to offer, in a bid find anyone who could 'kill him'. Recently though, in his mission to reach the top of the ladder once again in ICW, Mikey has found a new outlook on things, claiming that 'I'm not pointing the gun at my own head anymore'. With his, often uncontrollable, rage now directed at the rest of the ICW roster, one can only imagine what Mikey Whiplash will do when he steps into the ring, but on March 6th, Big Damo may fidn out the hard way. With tunnel vision on the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, will Mikey Whiplash make short work of the Beast of Belfast's reign as the champ?

Remaining tickets for this event asre extremely limited, and will be available on the door of The Garage in Glasgow, on Sunday, March 6th! Don't miss out!

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