Damo VS Jimmy Havoc
By Scott Reid
Posted On 05-01-2016 17:14 GMT
Tags: Damo , Jimmy Havoc

This Sunday, January 10th at the Garage in Glasgow, two of ICW’s most unique and dangerous competitors will face-off for the first time, in what will no doubt be an extremely physical contest. In a battle of power vs insanity, ‘The Beast of Belfast’ Damo goes one-on-one with ‘The One Man Purge’ Jimmy Havoc!

Ending a stellar 2015 on a high-note, with a victory over Tommy End, Damo has made his intentions clear that, in 2016, he fully intends to achieve his goal of becoming ICW World Heavyweight Champion. Making his first ICW appearance of the year on January 10th, The Beast of Belfast will be primed and ready to get his momentum rolling towards the Fifth Annual Square Go, where he could earn the right to challenge for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship at any time, by throwing 29 other competitors over the top rope. Unnaturally strong and deceptively fast, Damo is a human wrecking ball who tears through opponents like few others can, and this Sunday, he will be taking no prisoners.

While Damo may be an extremely tough opponent to beat, if there’s one man who has the guts and ability to bring the giant down, it’s Jimmy Havoc. Returning to ICW in late 2015, after over a year’s absence, Jimmy Havoc has been bringing anarchy and mayhem to the ring, each and every time he appears. Laying waste to almost anyone he comes into contact with, Havoc has made it clear that he is gunning for the gold in ICW, and on January 10th, he battles one of the top contenders to the ICW World Heavyweight Championship in the form of Damo. Unhinged, violent, and completely without remorse, ‘The One Man Purge’ may be the smaller of the two competitors in this match, but that won’t stop him from dishing out punishment in every twisted way he can imagine. A man who doesn’t back down from anyone, the extremely violent tendencies of Jimmy Havoc may be just what he needs to cut Damo down, and pick up the win!

Don’t miss this huge contest, between two of the most hotly-discussed competitors in the UK today, this Sunday, January 10th, at the Garage in Glasgow!

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