Joe Coffey vs Drew Galloway
By Scott Reid
Posted On 11-08-2015 00:40 GMT
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Red Lightning's reign as ICW General Manager has taken it's toll on a lot of ICW stars, but none have felt the wrath of the GM quite like Joe Coffey. With the tension from their Save Pro-Wrestling days still very much evident in their relationship, Red Lightning has made Joe's life a misery at every possible turn, stacking the odd's against him in matches, and often not even booking him to compete at all. 

At ICW: Now For Something Completely Different, Joe looked to finally have had enough, after being kept off the card once again. Under threat of retirement, Joe threw out an ultimatum to Red Lightning; make his scheduled match against Drew Galloway on August 16th an ICW World Heavyweight Championship match, or he would leave ICW for good. Ever one step ahead of the game however, Red Lightning pointed out that Joe was contractually obligated to compete and, if he did not show up on August 16th, he would be sued for breach of contract. With that being said, Red Lightning decided to extend an olive branch of sorts to Joe; If he can defeat Drew Galloway on Agust 16th, then he will receive a shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. With the stipulation now official, This Sundays match is one of the most important of Joe Coffey's career, as he could get one step closer to the title that he has craved for so long.

The last time Drew Galloway and Joe Coffey clashed, at ICW: Barramania, it was nothing short of a classic. One of the most intense, hard-fought contests that ICW fans had ever seen, Joe Coffey took the champion to the limit, and was within a fingertips reach of finally becoming ICW World Heavyweight Champion. Now more driven than ever to overthrow Red Lightning's rule of ICW, Joe may have all the motivation he needs to defeat Drew Galloway this Sunday, and go on to challenge for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship once again.

However, Drew Galloways recent actions may make it twice as hard for Joe to pick up the victory. Recently aligning himself with Red Lightning and Jack Jester, Drew now has two of ICW's most powerful men in his corner, ready to help him at any opportunity. While Drew has shown that he can go toe-to-toe with the best of them in ICW, will his desire to remain ICW World Heavyweight Champion see him utilise his new alliance to take Joe Coffey out, and keep him from the title?

Don't miss this epic rematch, as two of ICW's best meet in the ring one more time, in what is sure to be another astonishing encounter.

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