Carmel VS Nikki Storm
By Scott Reid
Posted On 01-03-2016 01:34 GMT
Tags: Carmel , Nikki Storm

The ICW Women’s Championship will be up for grabs this Sunday, March 6th, at the Garage in Glasgow, as Carmel puts the title on the line in a one-on-one encounter with ‘The Best In The Galaxy’ Nikki Storm. With Carmel having fought so hard to hold onto the title thus far, and Nikki so aggressively pursuing the gold to cement her dominance over the ICW Women’s Division, who will walk out of The Garage this Sunday with the title in their grasp?

Since winning the ICW Women’s Championship at the start of 2016, Carmel has proven herself time and again to be a fighting champion, taking on all challengers to her title, and continuing to elevate the ICW Women’s Division. This Sunday, she faces a huge challenge in Nikki Storm, but after everything she has gone through in her career to become ICW Women’s Champion, Carmel won’t be looking to let the gold go without one hell of a fight. A trail of chairs, tables, and thumbtacks have been left in the wake of Carmel’s career, with the champion having been in some of the most barbaric matches in ICW history. Her opponent this Sunday may be a world-class competitor, but will that be enough to stop the extremely intelligent, and methodical champion Carmel Jacob?

Arguably no-one has pursued the ICW Women’s Championship as aggressively as Nikki Storm, and this Sunday, she gets her shot at glory when she heads to the Garage to meet Carmel in the centre of the ring. One of the most talked about female competitors in the world today, Nikki has travelled all over the globe, competing against some of the best that modern professional wrestling has to offer. With so much experience and knowledge, Nikki has become one of the most impressive talents that Scotland has ever produced, but she still hasn’t been able to truly assert her dominance in Insane Championship Wrestling by winning the ICW Women’s Championship. Now, going it alone without the aid of her former intern Sammii Jayne, can Nikki make the most of her golden opportunity this Sunday at the Garage, and finally take home the title she has coveted for so long?

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