Carmel vs Liam Thomson
By Scott Reid
Posted On 25-11-2015 15:42 GMT
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"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned..."

If this is true, then, on January 24th 2016 at the Fifth Annual Square Go, ICW fans may very well bear witness to one of the most intense and unpredictable matches that the company has seen, or ever will see. In the hallowed halls of the Barrowlands, Carmel will finally get her shot at redemption, as she looks to make 'Bad Boy' Liam Thomson pay for his sins.

Once the inseperable 'Power Couple' of ICW, Carmel and Liam were a true force to be reckoned with. Liam's exceptional wrestling skill, matched by Carmel's razor-sharp tongue and intellect, made them an extrmely formidable unit, with plenty of Insane Championship Wrestling stars falling victim to the duo. After years together, Carmel and Liam announced their engagement at the start of 2015, but happiness would turn to betrayal at Barramania, when Liam would turn his back on fiancee, laying her out with a steel chair after her hellish 'Loser Leaves ICW' match against Layla Rose.

While Liam Thomson has long-played by his own rules in ICW, no-one ever thought that the Bad Boy would sink to such a level as he did but, with Carmel no longer part of ICW, Liam proceeded to show an even more ruthless and selfish side to his personality, attacking fellow wrestlers, ringside staff, and even MC Simon Cassidy, for little to no reason throughout the following months. At Fear & Loathing VIII however, Liam's ghost's came back to haunt him as Carmel stormed the ring during his match, laying the Bad Boy out with a Steel Chair in payment for his own act of treachery. 

With Liam out on the canvas, 'The Pipebomb Princess" announced her return to ICW, before turning her attention once again to her former partner, challenging him to a match at the Fifth Annual Square Go on January 24th!

In what will be one of the most emotionally-charged matches in ICW history, Liam Thomson, one of ICW's very best pound-for-pound grapplers, will take on Carmel, a competitor who has competed in some of the most barbaric settings that ICW has to offer. Will Carmel get her revenge on the man who betrayed her trust, or will Liam get the better of the Pipebomb Princess one more time on January 24th? Do not miss this blockbuster match at the Fifth Annual Square Go!

ICW: The Fifth Annual Square Go takes place at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, on Sunday January 24th! Tickets are on sale now at, and!

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