Carmel VS Kay Lee Ray VS Xia Brookside
By Scott Reid
Posted On 26-02-2016 01:19 GMT
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The ICW Women’s Championship will be on the line this Friday, February 26th, at the 02 Academy Liverpool, as ICW kicks off the ‘Aff The Telly’ Tour in one of the wildest cities that company has ever visited! In a Triple Threat match, ‘The Pipebomb Princess’ Carmel will defend the gold against her longtime nemesis, ‘The Queen of Hardcore’ Kay Lee Ray, and Liverpool’s own Xia Brookside!

Putting the gold on the line for the first time ever on an ICW tour, the odds may be stacked against the ICW Women’s Champion, but if there’s one person who can beat all the odds, it’s Carmel. As intelligent as she is resilient, Carmel may have been part of some of ICW’s most barbaric matches in history, but he real skill lies in her ability to outsmart her opponents, and that may be the key to retaining her title in Liverpool. With two opponents looking to tear each other apart in pursuit of the gold, will Carmel let them battle it out, and then strike at the most opportune moment, or will the Pipebomb Princess get into the thick of things, proving herself once again to be a true fighting champion?

Having lost out on her opportunity to become ICW Women’s Champion twice now, Kay Lee Ray is determined to finally claim the title as her own, and he will happily got through Carmel to do it. Having battled the Pipebomb Princess for years in ICW, Kay Lee knows exactly what Carmel is capable of, and The Queen of Hardcore will do everything in her power to outwit her nemesis in Liverpool to pick up the title she believes she so rightfully deserves. Can The Queen of Hardcore finally become the Queen of the ICW Women’s Division?

While two bitter rivals may be a part of this match, the dark horse in this battle is Xia Brookside. A Liverpool native, Xia may only be 18 years old, but with a lineage like hers, she may prove to be more than a formidable opponent for Kay Lee and Carmel. The daughter of legendary British Wrestling star Robbie Brookside, Xia has been taught by the very best that this country has to offer, learning not only from her father, but from a man who has mentored and taught some of the UK’s finest talents. Could Xia’s finely-tuned skills be enough to make one of the biggest debuts in ICW history, by winning the ICW Women’s Championship?

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