Carmel VS Courtney
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-04-2016 15:10 GMT
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ICW Women's Champion Carmel has been a mainstay of Scottish Wrestling for a number of years now, taking on some of the best that ever stepped into the ring in this country. On April 24th however, she enters into a rare environment, when she defends the title against a young competitor whom she has never faced before; Courtney. 

For over a month now, Courtney has targetted Carmel, eager to prove that she can do what no-one else has been able to do, and kncok the Pipebomb Princess off her throne. ICW fans may not have seen much from Courtney in the ring yet, but having seen her attack Carmel backstage, and leave the champion laying, it's clear to see that a vicious streak lies within the young competitor, and on April 24th, she is looking to unleash all hell on Carmel Jacob in pursuit of the ICW Women's Championship.

Upon her arrival in Insane Championship Wrestling, Courtney aligned herself with the now-separated tag team The Gatecrashers, accompanying them to the ring on a number of Spacebaws shows. Now looking to branch out on her own, Courtney has aimed high right from the get-go, claiming that she has what it takes to defeat Carmel for the ICW Women's Championship. Having viciously attacked the Pipebomb Princess backstage, and taunted her on a number of occasions, Courtney may be one of the few competitors to have ever gained the psychological advantage over the Champion, and that may be just what she needs to wear Carmel down, and pick up the biggest shock victory of the year, by winning the ICW Women's Championship.

Carmel may have been the victim of Courtney's vicious ways the past few weeks, but if there's one person who has fought back from the devastating hits in Insane Championship Wrestling, it's the Pipebomb Princess. Whether she has been in a Deathmatch against Kay Lee Ray, fighting off her former fiancee Liam Thomson, or defending the ICW Women's Championship against the top talent in the company, Carmel has long been one of the most resilient competitors that has ever stepped into the ICW ring. While she may be going in to April 24th with little-to-no knowledge of Courtney's abilities in the ring, Carmel always has a plan up her sleeve, and she will do whatever it takes to leave the Garage with the ICW Women's Championship around her waist!

This event takes place at The Garage in Glasgow on Sunday, April 24th! Tickets are available now at,, and!

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