BT Gunn VS Stevie Boy
By Scott Reid
Posted On 30-09-2016 13:17 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Stevie Boy

"How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss?"

These are words that the leader of The Filthy Generation, Stevie Boy, should have taken into deep consideration when he tried to end the career of his nemesis, BT Gunn, a few weeks ago at Fight Club. After BT picked up the victory over The War Boy, Stevie proceeded to attack his opponent mercilessly, even going so far as to crush BT's throat with a steel chair. While Stevie may have believed that his mission to destroy the New Age Kliq was over, nothing could be further from the truth.

While hosting 'The Funeral of The NAK', Stevie's moment of glory came crashing down around him, as he came face to face with a monster unleashed. Standing before Stevie was not the BT Gunn that has been competing in ICW for the past few months, but was instead The Oddity set free.

BT Gunn's psyche has long been a fragile thing, with the former ICW Heavyweight Champion able to transform from one of the finest grapplers in the country, into a blood-thirsty maniac in the blink of eye. Over the past few months, BT has done everything in his power to contain is his more sadistic tendencies, but with Stevie having broken him down bit by bit, The Oddity has seemingly shed his skin, and is ready to let the monster out one more time.

Having been pushed over the edge, and with no options left, BT Gunn has let his dark side take over once again, in a bid to make Stevie Boy's life a living hell.While many would run for the hills at the sight of The Oddity though, Stevie Boy believes he has work still to do, and has demanded a rematch with BT on October 9th at The Garage, to finally put him out of action, once and for all!

With Stevie willing to do absolutely anything to vanquish BT Gunn, and the maniacal Oddity let loose on Insane Championship Wrestling once again, the game has just changed dramatically. This is no longer a battle for supremacy, to prove who the better man is. This is simply as war that will not stop, until blood has been spilled, one man can no longer continue!

Do not miss this epic collision on October 9th, as 'The Oddity' BT Gunn faces off against Stevie Boy one more time, in a highly anticipated rematch!

Tickets for Sunday October 9th, at the Garage in Glasgow, are available now at, and!

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