Stevie Boy VS BT Gunn
By Scott Reid
Posted On 29-02-2016 16:29 GMT
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Alliances in wrestling can often be shaky, but there are some bonds that many believe can never be broken. To see such friendships destroyed seems almost impossible for fans to even think about, which makes it all the more shocking when it happens. One such bond is that of BT Gunn and Stevie Boy. Once brothers-in-arms in the New Age Kliq, Stevie and BT were almost mirror images of one and other; fearless daredevils who wore the NAK colours with pride. That all changed, however, just a few weeks ago, when Stevie, along with Wolfgang, turned his back on BT and Chris Renfrew, and aligned himself with the Black Label.

Seemingly looking to break out on his own, Stevie Boy may have thought it wise to turn his back on his former friends, but one should never poke a hornet’s nest, and that is exactly what Stevie done when he wrapped a chair around the skull of BT Gunn.

Now, with their friendship in tatters, BT and Stevie will go one-on-one this Sunday, March 6th, at the Garage in Glasgow, in what should be one of the most exciting showdowns of the year so far!

In the past 12 months, Stevie Boy’s transformation into the man he has become has been almost frightening to watch. Once the fun-loving high-flyer of The Bucky Boys, Stevie’s betrayal of his cousin Davey Boy gave the ICW fans a glimpse at the true colours of ‘Jeremy Kyle’s Worst Fucking Nightmare’. Becoming more vicious between the ropes, Stevie’s ruthless nature helped him hold onto the ICW Zero-G Championship for a number of months, and has led to him to multiple victories against some ICW’s top stars. While no-one could have predicted that he would put stab his NAK brothers in the back a few weeks ago, Stevie is always looking to bigger and better things, and if betraying the men he once looked at as family will help him reach the top of the card in ICW, then he has no problem doing just that. Many people would curl up in terror at the thought of BT Gunn coming for them, but Stevie Boy sees this as a chance to shine, and he won’t let it pass him by.

There are certain things that a person just shouldn’t do; you never spit in the wind, you don’t stand on Superman’s cape, and you should never, under any circumstances, piss off BT Gunn. Silent and calculating, BT Gunn may not be the biggest member of the ICW roster, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in madness. One of the most feared men in ICW, BT may be one of the most talented competitors that Scottish Wrestling has ever seen, but it is his unpredictable personality that makes him so dangerous. Able to transform from a high-flying, exciting competitor into a blood-thirsty monster at a moment’s notice, no-one truly knows what is going on in the mind of BT Gunn until they are standing in the ring with him. Having been betrayed and beaten mercilessly by his former friend Stevie Boy the last time they were in The Garage together however, could will BT let the monster loose this Sunday when he finally gets his hands on Stevie Boy?

Two former friends go to war this Sunday, but will Stevie Boy cement his split from the New Age Kliq by defeating the former ICW Heavyweight Champion in a one-on-one contest, or will BT Gunn gets the revenge he so greatly desires?

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