The Black Label VS The Local Fire
By Scott Reid
Posted On 10-05-2016 02:20 GMT
Tags: Davey Blaze , Drew Galloway , Jack Jester , Joe Hendry

Despite starting off with a ton of momentum in Insane Championship Wrestling, the team of Davey Boy & Joe Hendry, collectively known as The Local Fire, have been going through a turbulent period in their friendship. With Joe and Davey's manager, The Wee Man, at each others throats constantly, tensions have been high within the team. Now, on Sunday May 29th, ICW Majority Owner Red Lightning will put their partnership to the test, as The Local Fire take on The Black Label's Drew Galloway & Jack Jester, at the Garage in Glasgow!

While they may be going through a rocky stage in their friendship, Davey Boy & Joe Hendry have still managed to look extremely impressive when that bell rings, and they step between the ropes. Two powerhouse competitors who each possess a wealth of natural talent, The Local Fire have recently progressed to the semi-finals of the ICW Tag Team Championship Tournament, and appear to be trying to seperate their personal issues from their business in the ring. As they take on two of ICW's top stars on May 29th, can The Local Fire remain united, and score a huge win at The Garage?

The might of The Black Label has been almost impossible to deny in recent months, and while Red Lightning has many associates who are willing to assist him in keeping control of the company, the back bone of the regime exists within Drew Galloway and Jack Jester. Two of Red Lightning's oldest and dearest friends, Jester and Galloway are both former ICW Heavyweight Champions, who can dish out massive amounts of punishment singularly, but together, they can be almost unstoppable. Determined to keep every in line, no matter what, The Black Label will do whatever it takes to win, and they don't care who knows it. Can Jack Jester and Drew Galloway stop the momentum of The Local Fire on May 29th, and possibly create an even bigger wedge in their friendship as a result?

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