The Black Label VS Grado & Davey Boy
By Scott Reid
Posted On 01-03-2016 23:07 GMT
Tags: Davey Blaze , Drew Galloway , Grado , Jack Jester

This Sunday, March 6th, at The Garage in Glasgow, fans will witness 4 of major players in the ongoing Civil War in Insane Championship Wrestling enter the ring together, as Grado & the ICW Zero-G Champion Davey Boy join forces to take on 'Big Kink' Jack Jester and the ICW Majority Owner Red Lightning in a huge tag team match!

Red Lightning swore earlier this week that he would deal with Grado in a one-on-one contest at Barramania on April 3rd, but it looks like fans will get a preview of what is to come in that match, when these two teams square off in the Garage. With the power struggle between Red Lightning and Mark Dallas heating up every day, the bad blood between the two warring sides is getting out of control, and whoever wins this major tag team contest on Sunday will certainly score some major monetum for their respectives faction.

Since gaining majority control of ICW, The Black Label have made it their mission to stamp out any challengers to Red Lightning's authority, and so far, they have done a pretty god job of asserting their dominance over the majority of the roster. However, certain members of the rosters have refused to bow to the Label's power, and as the old saying goes, "If you want something done right, you've gotta do it so yourself", so this Sunday, Red Lightning will lace up his boots for a rare in-ring appearance to team up with The Hardcore Icon, Jack Jester. Two best friends who know each other better than most friends ever could, Jester and Red may not have teamed up often, but when two dangerous minds such as theirs come together, it can only be a problem for their opponents, and with Red Lightning's new monstrous chief of security, Flex Hunter, standing by at ringside, The Black Label could very well be an unstoppable unit going into their match this Sunday.

While they may look like a mismatch of styles on paper, the dynamic duo of Grado and Davey Boy could very well prove to be extremely effective. Two of the most passionate competitors on the entire ICW roster, both Davey and Grado eat, sleep, and breath Insane Championship Wrestling, and have been firmly opposed to the Black Labels rule since day 1. The heart and resiliency of Grado, coupled with the strength and daredevil assault of Davey Boy could be just the right combination to take the fight to The Black Label, and leave Red Lightning and Jack Jester laying in the ring. The odd's may be stacked against them when facing a unit like The Black Label, but Davey Boy and Grado have made careers of overcoming the odds, and this Sunday may be no different. 

Don't miss this huge tag team match, as The Black Label go toe-to-toe with two of Mark Dallas's most loyal soldiers. Will Grado and Davey Boy strike a major blow to the majority owner of ICW, or will Red Lightning and Jack Jester use their opponents to send an example to the rest of the ICW roster?

Tickets for this show, on Sunday, March 6th at the Garage in Glasgow, are on sale now at, and! 

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