The Iron Man faces an Army
By Jeffery Beryy
Posted On 12-04-2017 11:39 GMT
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Many people consider Joe Coffey as pound for pound, the greatest in-ring wrestler in ICW. He has been voted ICW Male Wrestler of The Year three years in a row, but he still isn't considered the "man" in ICW for one simple fact; he is not the ICW World Heavyweight Champion. That distinction goes to Trent Seven.

Joe Coffey has had a taste of the sweetest prize in ICW, at Shugs House Party 3 when he defeated then-ICW World Heavyweight Champion Big Damo to capture the gold, but his joy would be short-lived as Wolfgang would use his right to face the champion for the title there and then and quickly dethroned Coffey to become the ICW World Heavyweight Champion himself. Joe's reign as champion had lasted a few mere minutes, and this would haunt The Iron Man for the rest of 2016. 

During the remainder of 2016, another man would step up into the title picture, creating an entire army in the process; Trent Seven. Trent set his sights on becoming the next ICW World Heavyweight Champion, and would face Wolfgang in a steel cage at the biggest show in ICW's history to date, Fear and Loathing 9 in the Hydro. It seemed momentum was on Trent's side and he was destined to become the next ICW World Heavyweight Champion. One moment of madness, and a lapse of judgment cost Trent the ICW title however, and like Coffey before him, he had the title in his grasp and it had slipped through his fingers. 2016 would draw to a close with neither man as champion.

At the 6th Annual Square Go however, the fate of both men would change forever. Trent Seven would have his final opportunity to defeat Wolfgang for the ICW World Heavyweight Champion, but if he could not defeat Wolfgang then he would be placed at the back of the queue. With the title in his sights, Trent made the most of his opportunity, and on that evening he ended Wolfgang's 6 month long reign and became the ICW World Heavyweight Champion. 

Later that evening, Joe Coffey rectified his loss at the previous year's Square Go event, and became the number one contender for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship by winning the Square Go match. Trent Seven, in an honourable yet bold statement, handed Joe Coffey the number one contenders briefcase himself as he held his newly attained ICW title aloft. The men, in a show of sportsmanship, shared a beer at their accomplishments, though the chivalry was short lived as some overzeaolus toasting led to a heated moment between champion and challenger. The question now remained, when would Joe Coffey cash in?

Joe Coffey seemed to enjoy the fact this was the most asked question on everyones lips; when would we see Joe Coffey Vs Trent Seven for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship? Every time ICW rolled into town, Joe Coffey would be there, briefcase in hand, teasing a cash-in, but he always stated it would be a "money match" when he faced Trent, on one of ICW's biggest stages.

As Coffey teased the cash-in, Trent went about his business and stayed true to his word of being a fighting ICW World Heavyweight Champion, putting the title on the line every time he stepped through the ropes, competing in some of the greatest matches in ICW history and defeating the best on the roster. Everyone he faced was ultimately defeated, but everyone was asking, could he defeat Joe Coffey, A man with the greatest win/loss record of the past few years bar none? 

At the last ICW Fight Club taping, Trent Seven would again defend the ICW World Heavyweight Champion, this time against one half of Polo Promtions and sibling of the number one contender, Mark Coffey. After an absolute war, Trent was able to retain and Joe Coffey made his presence felt, briefcase in hand. Joe hinted that this was the moment, the cash in was finally happening, but Coffey isn't a fly by night type of competitor and did not want to steal the title. He wanted to prove to the world that he was the undisputed best in ICW and defeat a fresh rested Trent Seven bell to bell, no arguments. He did set the date there and then though; April 16th at The Barrowlands Ballroom, at Barramania 3.

Joe Coffey has set the money match and, and at Barramania 3, he will go one on one with Trent Seven for the grand prize, the ICW World Heavyweight title! Joe Coffey has his ultrons pounding their chests in unison, as Trent leads the Trent Seven Army in full voice, but who will leave the Barrowlands victorious, with the ICW World Heavyweight championship around their waist? No matter the outcome, one thing is for sure; this is guaranteed to be the big money match it has promised to be.

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