Ashton Smith and Rampage Brown: The Next Tag Team Champions?
By Jeffery Beryy
Posted On 12-04-2017 11:43 GMT
Tags: Ashton Smith , Rampage Brown

"Even if you don't accept the challenge...we are just going to take the belts anyway"

Threatening words, even more threatening when uttered from the mouth of the mammoth Rampage Brown with his 6'4 tag team partner , the imposing Ashton Smith standing menacingly by his side. They stated they were coming to Barramania III to not only challenge Mike Bird and Wild Boar for the ICW Tag Team titles, but be crowned new champions. Moments before this bold statement, they had made their ICW debut as a unit by decimating the team of Michael Parks and Leyton Buzzard! They had arrived with intent!

The champions though aren't to be taken lightly, and have been on their own path of dominance and destruction since dethroning Polo Promotions as the premier team in ICW. Any and every challenger has been swifty and firming dealt with by the well oiled machine known collectively as The Maurauders. 

They have yet to come up against a team as physically emposing as Ashton Smith and Rampage Brown however. Rampage Brown is a veteran of the sport, a world travelled grappler who has taken the talented Ashton Smith under his wing and as a unit are quickly establishing themselves as one of the most dominant teams to ever grace these shores.

Will the unit of Bird and Boar be able to continue their reign of dominace? Or will it come to an abuprt end at Barramania 3 on April 16th when they clash with Ashton Smith and Rampage Brown?

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