Crossing a line: Lionheart and Joe Hendry
By Jeffery Beryy
Posted On 12-04-2017 11:41 GMT
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"I'll stop taking selfies with my dog when you stop shagging one?" was with that one line viciously and callously Lionheart,at least in the eyes of the Local Hero, crossed a line from business into personal territory. But had that line already been crossed way before then by the Local Hero? What exactly is the line between business and personal when it comes to professional wrestling?

Lionheart is a fanny!... those words echo through any building ICW hosts a show the second Lionheart makes his presence known. He cannot escape it, it follows him around and haunts him. A chant started by The Local Hero Joe Hendry when he did the parody of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes in the direction of Lionheart. To many that could be considered a low blow, but it wasn't crossing any line, Lionheart even admitted himself it was catchy, it annoyed Lionheart but he's a pro, he used to receiving stick from the audience. What didn't sit well with Lionheart was the fact Joe Hendry claimed that with that chant he had put Lionheart back on the map. This though not a personal attack against friends or family, clearly crossed a line with Lionheart as it spurred it on to take a shot at Joe Hendrys personal life. 

It is no secret Lionheart broke his neck in 2015, an injury that would ended most mens career. Not Lionheart, he rehabed his injury and returned to ICW to face his bitter nemesis Jackie Polo, another man he had had deep personal issues with, with many lines being crossed regularly. The crowd did not back the triuphant return of Lionheart but opted to support his adversary. This changed Lionheart and after a devestating beating at the hands of Polo, Lionheart changed, he evolved and became the man we see before us today, a former Zero G champion. For Hendry to take credit for all of this based on one song, that could be considered crossing a personal line in ignoring the turmoil Lionheart endured.
A match was set, Lionheart Vs Joe Hendry at the Manchester taping of Fight Club. Within moments after some heated words between Hendry and Lionheart, Hendry took Lionheart to the mat and the match broke down into a full on shoot fight. Referee Thomas Kearns opted to throw the contest out as both men attempted to tear into each other. This merely added fuel to the already raging fire between the two.

At the last Garage taping of Fight Club,Hendry took to the ring to address the situation and what had transpired in Manchester. He apologised for not giving the fans the type of match they had expected to see and for it breaking down into a no contest. He was interupted by Lionheart who also opted to address the situation between the two.
Both are usually consimate professionals and admitted such, it seemed we would reach a civil and mutual agreement, but that wasn't to be. Hendry admitted that if Lionheart ever crossed a line like into his personal life again, he would fucking kill him. Lionheart did not back down, and though admitted Hendrys credentials and what he was physically capable of, he also stated he was willing to fight dirty and stoop to new lows, that is not the exact term used, I would rather than not state exactly what he said, you can view the full exchange on the next edition of Insane Fight Club.

April 16th, Barramania 3, Lionheart and Joe Hendry face off yet again and this is a contest making everyone extremely uneasy. Some very serious threats and comments have made by both men, this has reached beyond boiling point and into a total meltdown. Fans, Management and the locker room alike are all nervous at the potential of what could transpire come April 16th,who crossed the line first? At this point it no longer matters because both crossed the line beyond the point of return.

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