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Posted On 13-08-2014 13:51 GMT
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For every action, there is an equal and opposing reaction. It's a fact that cannot be argued, but BT Gunn seemingly never took this into consideration when he dared to try and finish the in-ring career of his cousin, Wolfgang.


At ICW: What's Your Boggle in June, BT and the NAK looked to put Wolfgang completely out of commission, delivering a series of sickening blows to the head which left Wolfgang with a severe concussion. Only a few weeks later, BT struck once again, attacking Wolfy at his pub, La Cala, and leaving the big man laying unconscious on the streets of Glasgow.


Since then, The NAK have teased the former Zero-G Champion from afar, mocking his injury and parodying him in front of the ICW fans. At ICW: You Have The Right To Remain Dead, the second night of ICW's run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The NAK once again took aim at Wolfgang, with BT masquerading as his cousin early in the night.

In the main event of the evening however, nothing could have prepared BT, Darkside and Renfrew for what would happen. As the NAK used their numbers to try and hold onto the ICW Tag Team Championships, some familiar music bellowed through Studio 24, and the Ghost of Chairshots Past stepped through the curtain, as Wolfgang returned to a hero's welcome from the fans.


Fueled by rage and a desire for revenge, Wolfgang flew into the ring, demolishing the NAK, and sending BT Gunn running for cover, leaving Chris Renfrew all alone against Irn Jew. Wolfgang sped off in hot pursuit of his cousin, with a fire in his eyes that hasn't been seen for a long time.


The war between BT Gunn and Wolfgang is far from over, and the monster that BT Gunn has awakened may very well be the cause of his downfall. All that remains to be seen now is what happens in the next chapter of violent saga.

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