Wolfgang vs. Noam Dar
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 15-04-2015 23:17 GMT
Tags: Noam Dar , Wolfgang

When Wolfgang shockingly turned his back on his friend Dickie Divers, aligning himself with the New Age Kliq, mouths were left agape and jaws collectively hit the floor with a massive thud. Few could believe that 'Wolfie' would become a member of a group he had waged war with so intensely.

By embracing his cousin, BT Gunn in the middle of the ring at ICW: Barramania, Wolfgang proved that blood is thicker than any other substance, and made a statement that the NAK was united, stronger than ever, and ready to reclaim the top spot as the most vicious group in all of ICW.

Since that moment, Wolfgang has shown a new found mean streak, one which arguably hasn't been seen for years. One thing's for sure, the agile big man will need all that new mindset and then some when coming up against Noam Dar. The talented Dar has turned a corner in ICW, taking on board advice from owner Mark Dallas and rising up to fulfill his potential as one of the most popular stars in the entire promotion.

Recently involved in fending off another gang, The 55, Dar now turns his attention to the NAK, where he will meet a rejuvenated Wolfgang at ICW: Alex Kidd In London. The capital city of Britain will be buzzing for ICW's arrival, and the card is jam-packed full of exciting bouts, but none are more valid than this one, which promises to be a corker.

When Wolfgang needs to move, he can, don't let his superior size fool you, that man can shift. In fairness to Dar, he prefers it that way, only excelling when up against opponents who move quickly. As one of the fastest-moving athletes on the entire roster, Noam Dar matches his rival's speed, only to then often surpass it.

The other members of the NAK will no doubt be omnipresent, making this a tall order for Dar, but it's challenges such as these which he must face should he someday wish to become the World Heavyweight Champion he has always threatened to become. Look out for this one, as power opposes speed, and they meet somewhere in between!

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