Wolfgang vs. Noam Dar
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 28-01-2016 15:31 GMT
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At the tail end of the Fifth Annual Square Go, Wolfgang stood in the middle of the ring and soaked up the applause of another sell-out crowd at the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow. Entering at #21, the New Age Kliq member managed to fend off such top names as Joe Coffey, Jack Jester and even his own stablemate BT Gunn on his way to emerging victorious.

Winning the entire Square Go, Wolfgang is now eerily in position to challenge another NAK member for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. Chris Renfrew, who defeated Grado earlier in the evening to bag the title, showed face and there seemed to be at least some tension between both men. That makes sense, because Renfrew is now the main target of everyone in ICW, even those he can usually rely on to have his back.

Wolfgang's fortunes in the match directly contrasted with those of one Noam Dar. Entering earlier in the bout, Noam was attacked by both Red Lightning and Jack Jester. He would eventually return to the bout, wielding a steel chair and seemingly out for vengeance. Ultimately, he'd be eliminated and miss out on the 'Final Four' positions, but Dar was hampered from the start by virtue of the vicious ambush.

It makes sense to imagine then that Noam will be eager to impress when he faces Wolfgang on Sunday, January 31st. The Friday Night Fight Club taping will be ICW's 100th show overall, and both Wolfgang and Dar have been there since the formative days of the promotion. Who knows what a win over the Fifth Annual Square Go would do for Dar's confidence, especially flying in the face of The Black Label's intense hatred of him.

For Wolfgang, it's all about maintaining that momentum and proving why he was the only man left standing after the over-the-top-rope 30-man match. As any previous Square Go winner can attest, winning the match brings pressure, but Wolfgang has shown he's more than capable of dealing with that scrutiny.

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