A statement from the ICW Heavyweight Champion Mikey Whiplash

"Before addressing Red Lightening with regards too the ICW heavyweight title after the 2nd annual square go I asked all the cameras to be switched off because that statement was only for the people who buy a ticket for the show and support the company as it grows.

This statement was supposed to take place my 1st title defence against Robbie Dynamite but other issue came up with regards to Jam O'Malley and Carmel Jacob.

The last ICW champions reign marred by dodging opponents, restarts to matches and no showing events. One think that I did cover at Flava In Yer Ear! was respect and at Fear and Loathing 5 I beat the living crap out of a man who I claimed I had no respect for, I tortured him to the point where I honestly believed I'd killed him and his following but at the very next show he was back and willing to take more punishment to prove he belonged.

It just so happens this man was also the person victimized the most by the previous champion, so at Terminator 2 - Judgment Day I challenge GRADO to see if how he fairs in an even contest for the ICW heavyweight title."

JULY 14th - The Garage, Glasgow

ICW Heavyweight Championship
Mikey Whiplash Vs. Grado

Tickets on sale NOW at Tickets Scotland and www.ticketmaster.co.uk

Also on sale at The Solid Rock, Glasgow city centre