Mikey Whiplash vs. Trent Seven
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 15-04-2015 22:33 GMT
Tags: Mikey Whiplash , Trent Seven

Is there a more mentally unbalanced individual in ICW right now than Mikey Whiplash? Perhaps the man's major rival, BT Gunn, could go down as a possible candidate, but Whiplash must surely be right up there with him now, especially given the interaction between both men recently.

The night before Gunn and Whiplash meet in London, Mikey will surely have his hands full with Trent Seven at ICW: Paperboy in Birmingham. A relatively unknown commodity to most hardcore fans of ICW, Seven is someone Whiplash has crossed paths with before, and a man he won't be looking beyond when thinking about getting his hands on BT Gunn.

Both wrestlers are around the same age, but their mindsets couldn't be any more different right now. Trent Seven is trying to carve his way into the dangerous environment that is Insane Championship Wrestling, whereas Whiplash is attempting to hold onto what's left on his sanity, plagued by the NAK and their endless mind games.

On one level, Seven may smell blood - Whiplash could be perceived as a weakened animal, a competitor ripe for the picking, but that would be under-estimating the sheer will and fight left in the face-painted warrior. There are few in ICW who have overcome the kind of adversity that the former ICW Heavyweight Champion has, but he's almost been reborn as a new man since his epic return to the company late last year.

Looking at this one plainly, there's a lot of intrigue hidden just below the surface. Seven wants to bury his way into ICW, whilst Whiplash is fighting to stay within it, fully armed with the knowledge that BT Gunn wants to take him out of the picture. Throughout his career, Seven has never been the type to take anyone for granted, something InsaneWrestling.co.uk found out when quizzing people in his native Wolverhampton, but he may have a Mikey Whiplash on his hands that even he's never experienced before.

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