Mikey Whiplash VS Jack Gallagher
By Scott Reid
Posted On 24-07-2015 00:24 GMT
Tags: Jack Gallagher , Mikey Whiplash

ICW’ Flying Circus run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will no doubt be one of the most exciting times of ICW’s 2015 calendar. With so many of ICW’s top stars making their way to Scotland’s capital, so huge matches will be taking place at City Nightclub throughout the month of August. At ICW: Now For Something Completely Different, two of the most finely tuned technicians in all of British Wrestling will collide for the first time ever in an ICW ring, as Jack Gallagher goes one-on-one with Mikey Whiplash! The question is, will this be a technical masterclass, or will Jack Gallagher be forced to go to a place he’s rarely been before, to battle a man dancing on the edge of sanity?

Manchester-born Jack Gallagher has become one of ICW’s most beloved stars, with the young man bringing a unique style and presence to the ring that is rarely seen in a man his age. Having travelled the world honing his craft, Gallagher is often touted by fans as one of the brightest stars in British Wrestling today. Having last competed in ICW during the Insane Entertainment System Tour, Gallagher knows what it takes to handle himself in the Insane Championship Wrestling ring, and on August 9th, he’s coming to pick up the win against one of the finest wrestlers that the country has ever produced, in the form of Mikey Whiplash!

However no-one, not even Jack Gallagher, can be sure of which Mikey Whiplash will make his way to City Nightclub on August 9th. On one hand, Mikey Whiplash is one of the best pure grapplers that the UK has ever seen, taking on some of the very best, all around the world. On the other hand though, Mikey’s darker side is a much more dangerous entity, who prefers chaotic brawling to technical grappling. After having spent months battling BT Gunn in some of the most insane matches that fans have ever seen, Mikey’s darker side may be out for good, and that spells trouble for anyone unlucky enough to cross him.

So, will this be a competitive wrestling contest, between two men who have a great deal of respect for one and other? Or will Jack Gallagher be forced to go to a place he’s never been before, to take on the violent onslaught of one of ICW’s most demented stars?

ICW: Now For Something Completely Different, part of ICW’s Flying Circus run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, takes place at City Nightclub on Sunday, August 9th. Tickets for this event, and all other nights of ICW’s Flying Circus run, are available now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk

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