Mikey Whiplash vs. Jack Gallagher
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 30-11-2015 13:45 GMT
Tags: Jack Gallagher , Mikey Whiplash

Years ago, there was a myth floating around that Insane Championship Wrestling didn't have room for the more technical aspects of the industry. Whilst it's true that ICW has long been home to some of the most violent men and women in grappling history, it is also a hotbed of excellent technical wrestling. The proof of that particular pudding lies with both Mikey Whiplash and Jack Gallagher.

Scanning each man individually, they couldn't appear more radically opposed. Although both earned their stripes in England, they have carved a path for themselves in Scotland in vastly different ways. For Whiplash, shock tactics and brutal brawling have interspersed keenly with an amazing ability to display various holds and technical wrestling techniques.

For Gallagher, he's more soft-spoken, letting his actions inside the ring do the talking. There's real athleticism in what Jack Gallagher brings to the party, and he has already become somebody ICW fans really look forward to seeing wrestle. When both these men collide, it's highly likely that they will bring out he best in one another.

Looking at things from a different perspective, Whiplash is capable of extreme horrors. In an instant, he could decide to introduce weapons, or elect not to use the technical style he is incredibly proficient at. Is there a chance that he could grow frustrated by the match of Gallagher to his preferred style? If so, Jack would need to show a new side of him that ICW enthusiasts haven't yet seen.

Technical wrestling showcase or a bitter game of one-upmanship waiting to happen? On December 6th, 2015, fans will find out who comes out on top between the ominously foreboding Mikey Whiplash and the gentlemanly Jack Gallagher.

Tickets for ICW's Friday Night Fight Club taping are still available. The show takes places from The Garage in Glasgow on Sunday, December 6th, 2015. Head to www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.triplegmusic.com for ticket information!

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