Mikey Whiplash VS Chris Renfrew
By Scott Reid
Posted On 24-04-2015 17:21 GMT
Tags: Chris Renfrew , Mikey Whiplash

ICW: Up Down Left Right A C Start is the final date, south of the border, on the Insane Entertainment System tour, and this Sunday at the 02 Academy Sheffield, fans will witness one of the most hotly anticipated, first-time-ever confrontations of the year, one that was originally set to take place earlier in the month in Liverpool. With the match set once again, fans will finally see the showdown between Chris Renfrew and Mikey Whiplash!

With the mind games of BT Gunn seemingly unlocking the demon that lives within Mikey Whiplash, the painted warrior of Legion is ready to go to war with BT and the New Age Kliq, and is once again competing at the top of his game in ICW.  Embracing his darker, most depraved side once again, Mikey recently scored a victory over Trent Seven in Birmingham, in one of the most physically gruelling matches of the year, before squaring off with BT Gunn in London. During that match, Mikey suffered greatly, taking a huge fall through a guard-rail, but refused to give up in his quest to gain revenge over BT for his months of torment. This match would only end with the arrival of Chris Renfrew, who assisted BT in knocking Whiplash out cold with a barbed-wire steel chair, causing the referee to rule the match a no-contest. With his revenge taken from him, Mikey Whiplash will be looking to take Chris Renfrew out for good, ensuring that he can no longer play a part in the war between Whiplash and BT Gunn.

However, Mikey is not entering into a match with any normal competitor. As depraved as Whiplash is, one man who may be more unhinged than even he is, is Chris Renfrew. A man who embodies the violence that ICW is often known for, Renfrew is as dangerous as they come, and will do anything within his power to achieve victory in the ring. While he and Whiplash have never faced off in a one-on-one confrontation, Renfrew is fiercely loyal to his NAK brother, BT Gunn, and one would be quick to assume that Chris will take great pleasure is weakening Whiplash as much as possible in Sheffield, making him easy prey for BT Gunn to devour. Mikey Whiplash may be demented, but is even he prepared for the carnage that will likely ensue when he steps into the ring with ‘the most hardcore motherfucker on the planet’, Chris Renfrew?

ICW: Up Down Left Right A C Start takes place this Sunday, April 26th, at the 02 Academy Sheffield. Tickets are still available at www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.ticketweb.co.uk

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